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  1. grittylifer

    yo look over here

    ^hah....that was funny. "i pinching your face....im pinching your face....." "im squishing your head.....im squishing your head......"
  2. grittylifer

    Top 5 (fuck a title)

    i tend to listen to albumns on repeat....so ill give you my top five albumns. Ozzy-The Black Sabbath Years Portishead-Dummy Dj Shadow with the shot from the record store i bumped into Gab at while they was shooting it in 96 Eminem-the Eminem Show ODB-Brooklyn Zoo return to the 36th Chamber
  3. grittylifer

    They are not from this earth...

    darn it....the video card is messed up on this computer. squids are fucking scary.
  4. grittylifer

    They are not from this earth...

    my moms and dad used to scuba dive off Gaum......im not sure..its been a while since i heard the stories...but i think they said that that they would grab on to Rays for rides cause their friendly.
  5. grittylifer

    Girl Questions...

    dont make me tell you again...... i swear people on 12oz get stumped on the stupidest shit sometimes. what........your old enough to have kids and dont know how to fuck a girl? idiot.
  6. grittylifer

    Eclipse cigarettes

    no MS Filtros are the best. Italiano.
  7. grittylifer

    the 12 oz "caption this" thread

    this thread should be sticky.
  8. grittylifer

    my cat moved out today.

    I have been chilling with ESTABLISHED CALIFORNIA WRITERS since 1992. get off your own dick toy. you put tease to shame.
  9. grittylifer

    my cat moved out today.

    look toy. I am TWENTY FIVE YEARS OLD....witha FELONY GRAFFITI CASE AT 17. if you want beef.....than I will HONORABLY battle you at the Oakland Yards. unitl you name a date......shut your mouth. I have One Week Left on the west coast.
  10. grittylifer

    my cat moved out today.

    to be honest.........id really like to plunge my chefs knife through your heart neck and brain....... but i aint like that. if your so up in oakland as a whiteboy college art student...... then go cross Ceiver out and see what happens.
  11. grittylifer

    my cat moved out today.

    I have written Graffiti in Northern California for 11 years. over sixty arrests and a felony case prosecuted. get off it white rich boy.............................. you went to chico came back and talked shit........... give a fuck fool.....ill smoke hella crack kill you and make the cops laugh seein as you trynna rep the Cokeland.
  12. grittylifer

    my cat moved out today.

    how about i slit your veins and bleed your blood in to my empty mops and go get my name up in your hood in your own blood? you like the sound of that? nahhhhhhhh. i got a clean record. your not worth it.
  13. grittylifer

    my cat moved out today.

    I will meet you for a boxing match. thats about it......you know what.......id make a boxing match with you and do a driveby to watch you die..... nahhhhhfooo......... leave me alone.
  14. grittylifer

    my cat moved out today.

  15. grittylifer

    my cat moved out today.

    i aint trynna kick it with you right now whitey.