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  1. an amusing flick (but a theatrical image, remember that this is all part of a fiction movie). Looking forward to it being released.
  2. as usual the lestalad flicks are top class :)
  3. eelandmash

    Cebo video 2

    Try the German website www.stylefile.de always reliable in my experience.
  4. Well now, I just checked up the various meanings of oyster and the one which seemed most appropriate in this context was "a very uncommunicative person". Clearly, therefore, the oyster card has been named after the L.U. people who disappear from the platforms at times of service disruption.....? :)
  5. eelandmash

    On my travels

    Excellent Irish flicks and fully agree that the last shot is very atmospheric...
  6. Quote:- "Got told about a new UK video which has gone into production, which features a 3 people doing a two letter backjump in 20 seconds. Insanity. 20 seconds! Will be good to see and clarify this." Ah, good; it's high time we had a new uk vid; keep us posted please crazeebob :)
  7. Moving Targets Yes, crazeebob; an entertaining video and undoubtedly FOS has most of the live actions sewn up. The bit where the driver remonstrates and is sprayed for his trouble is ground breaking for a graf vid (although that cebo 2 vid that you mentioned earlier tends to take over where that left off and is multiplied!). The outraged old lady who gets out of the train to give the writers "what for" (in Norwegian) is the sort of thing that you'd expect to see on the London Underground at Amersham or Rickmansworth (posh districts for the uninitiated) and is well funny.:lol:
  8. No, crazeebob, your "incorrect" source is actually right; there merely seems to be some confusion here about what video is what. Cebo 1 has been out for some time. Cebo 2 (part one) is newly released. I've just watched the scene where the driver watches the wholecars being done. The content of Cebo 2 (part two)? Who knows for sure? It's not out yet. As for the other stuff mentioned by zeeism; (overland trains followed by the metro yard stuff) it sounds like something I haven't seen but it certainly isn't Cebo 1 or Cebo 2 (part one). However, the stalk men imagery he describes on the cover is Cebo 1. There are quite a few Spanish vids on the market at the moment so some confusion is bound to occur. Whatever....it all goes down well with a kebab and a beer when it's raining outside....
  9. As usual, Eyegasm provides the most consistent and reliably updated graffiti website on the net...as it has been for years. All credit to those involved.
  10. Ah, mista von Schnabel, I've just seen the XTC video from Sweden...a very good arrangement of trains and backjumps in all weathers. An excellent production which has brightened up a dull weekend.
  11. An interesting example of how officials would cope with a wholecar being done on a train in service and at a station was given, I thought, in the Polish vid Men in Black 2. The driver and conductor are shown walking towards the crew who are in the midst of perpetrating the wholecar. Their body language suggests that they have authority and are in control; but when they reach the "scene of the crime" they are simply ignored. The writers carry on and there is a kind of "oh! They haven't run!? Er....well...have a nice day..." and they walk back to the front of the train in a baffled "what is the world coming to?" kind of way. The scene in Consequences 3 on the London tube suggests that the driver has somewhat belatedly noticed that something is going on at the other end of the train (er, a wholecar actually) or has received a radio message from his control. He is filmed emerging from the cab but not exactly running. I mean the guy is gonna use his loaf; he's not going to wade in single handed. Never underestimate the horror of the live cctv or radio communication though; you never know who's on their way or how quickly they might arrive. This kind of backjump action takes real guts.
  12. If you look at it from a cost-effectiveness point of view the stake-out in the yard took four or five cops and several man (and woman) hours to catch one person who subsequently ended up with a simple fine for trespass on the railway. It was hardly a triumph for the graf squad and something which lacks all the "glamour" and satisfaction of talking someone out of taking their own life as was featured in the first installment of the programme.
  13. dephect......yes I also saw Consequences 1 and 2 and they were ok but nothing extra special......Consequences 3 was much better. Worth checking out if you get the chance.
  14. nG, gotta agree with you about "Rush Hour"....one or two good bits on there but not one of Europe's best offerings...not when you consider the moas series of vids, Hard Knocks 4 and the new Consequences 3...all of which have got enough to keep you glued to the screen (moas 3 and consequences 3 also have some uk footage). For an "all rounder" you might wanna see "Not Guilty" which has stuff from NYC and Canada as well as South America, Europe and the Far East. It might lack some of the "punch" of some of the latest European offerings but they've gone to a lot of trouble to make it original.
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