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  1. Balith


    OW MY EYES ARE ON FIRE AH make em not so blury
  2. Balith


    ahahahahah yeah maybe you do
  3. Balith

    GI Gallery.....<<

    wow those are insanely good is there a reason theyre all mounted and all? enter em in contests or somethin? keep em comin
  4. Balith

    toys post here2...

    top left one is decent add some color
  5. holy shit what is that ^^ colored with? it looks almost printed off a printer
  6. Balith

    toy battle..

    uhh.. it sucks...the lettering style consists of a bunch of zig zags, its on a downhill slant to the right, and a lot of your lines aren't straight or parallel.
  7. top character with the spray cans in the second one is nice
  8. what are those sketches colored with? what type of markers? Those look amazing...
  9. Balith

    im bored

    lets see some more characters, the ones you've shown are insane.
  10. Balith

    im bored

    chain saw is awesome as the above said, my favorite one is also the teddy bears. You can some incredible style...post more
  11. Re: i just did this looks too much like cimpos
  12. Balith

    Characters Post

    yeah that was one killer Marvin the Martian you had there.
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