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  1. heres something i did last week. not graffiti, but my first attempt scanning in a sketch and photoshopping it. comments/ suggestions please
  2. less talk more rock more pics?
  3. dephyone, the first one is dope, like the second too. keep it coming...
  4. a couple people have mentioned using india ink. when im looking at other writers blackbook work i love how india ink looks, but i have a question. how does it come? do you all just use the container of india ink, with those pens you need different "nibs" for? or do they sell individual pens with nibs already on em with india ink inside?:o
  5. amptwo


    got one, can you email me a bit more about duplicate layers, im slow i dont quite get it
  6. ok i agree with what mr e and the rest have been saying toys looking to get props for some wack ass shit. but i still like to see newbies who cant write yet brave enough to post their wack sketches, and risk getting stepped on just for some advice/tips on how to improve. we should encourage that. my beef with 12oz is not people who cant write well yet, its the negativity and hate that shows up on every fucking thread.
  7. i like one and four the best. post more.
  8. amptwo

    Hests Newest

    [no relation to amp one] i really dig the second one, fill-ins and colors are dope. letters not bad for only writing a year. keep it coming.
  9. just when can a cop decide what is probable cause though? for instance, can they say they have probable cause because its 3am and no one else is around and your standing 20 yards from a fresh peice?
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