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Nikki Dial

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  1. Crete Dtc has done that many times.
  2. Nikki Dial


    Re: D.T.C........................ God damn it!
  3. Nikki Dial


    Re: Re: Re: y u so hurt He writes Tom Mosh. old school frisko. you're dead.
  4. Dingo, Kiro, Nervs...hella tight!
  5. Nikki Dial


    Re: beg why don't you ask in the begr thread you punk toy!
  6. [FTL,,,,TKO,,,,,KUK,, HATES ALL OF YOU WITH PASSION!!!!![/size] GREEN LIGHT ON YOU LITTLE BITCH'S,GO BACK TO YOUR GARLIC TOWN!!!!!! [/b] loved it? who cares? and god damn, get off other crew's nuts. first, you're wrong about almost everything. not to mention, when fists came out your friend pulled out mace and ran. wow, real scary. we're not talking punk shows either fool. I can't believe you're not bored of this? your friend lied to you. stop talking about this shit on line you fag.
  7. Nikki Dial


    I guess it depends where you live cause I hardly see ftl at all. I do get jaber trains almost everyday. Rarely dissed.
  8. gangster rap Puzle DtcKyt wait...? wrong thread? Puzl (usa) is a sick rapper too. he did a song with Mac Mall and Ray Luv. That shit was gangster!
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