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  1. thanks seme... thanks thynk for posting my piece...
  2. IrAsOnE

    JIVE - CT

    hey sisteray email me irasone@aol.com
  3. years and years of painting legals... i never knew that painting a train was legal.. from what i noticed they do more trains then walls.. so what if they don't feel like wasting their paint on stupied tags and throwies.. i seen ges do some hot stenciles, throwie, simples, highways,rooftops basicly if they wanted to they could put most writers to shame.. don't be upset cause u can't paint anything more than a tag or a throwie.. get ur facts together b4 u start talking..
  4. yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! puzle is fucking ill nice styles.. i love the way his letters are simple but very stylish.. got give him mad credit.. much respect.. super fresh! fresh caractors too
  5. this question realy has no reason to be in this thred.. but i figured becuse this thred is basically about oldschool nyc... the people on this thred could answer my question... did the term "u got capped" come from when CAP would diss people.. just wondering.. im probley wrong but it's just been a thought in my head for some time.. just looking for an answer
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