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  1. OrangeDot


    its me.. pants.. cut this super sleuth shit.. PROOF.. face. oh and by the way.. giving tree is a homo who dates men who give him free beer.
  2. why does the name gorgamond sound so familiar.. i thought it was the smirfs cat thing but he was azriel.. so whos gorgamond???
  3. yeah i work christmas eve 6-12:30 and christmas day 11-7.... fuck me. but i get time and a half on the eve and double on the day. WOO FUCKING HOO.. then its home to beer and grand theft auto vice city.. beat it and STILL love it.
  4. we bagged and body dropped a shopping cart, and i've heard of bagged wheelchairs..
  5. OrangeDot


    i had a friend who was in the rangers.. he was given steroids to increase his agression.. there are LOTS of things wrong with the military.
  6. OrangeDot


    it amazes me that some people just blow off a sincere appology. i felt bad. i was a jerk to him man. he deserves at least that. ease the fuck up. not everyone has to be proud every day all day
  7. OrangeDot


    "wonk please dont feel like im pulling you out.. its just.. i think there is a bias in you somewhere when you will need more than just self justification.. and if you've already delt with situations like that.. man i appologise, mind you im going by text and have a HUGE bias... i have no idea what you've delt with, i just know my personal experience as the RAPE-E and not the RAPER... or even knowing the RAPER beyond an aquaintance... and being the subject of such event i felt in no way could i discuss it with them.. so yeah.. i appologise for any sort of "attack" in your direction.. you just need to understand my general sadness for anyone who's been involved with ANYTHING like this. so yeah.. sorry man.. your own personal demons will get ya. you dont need me helpin. *(and i should keep my eyes on my own too.. and not point the blame.. not to christian of me huh?)*" dude.. i thought i layed out a pretty nice appology. look those people, the people with the remorse that you speak of.. THEY ARE SUFFERING.. thats exactly the statement i made... i NEVER said they were unforgiveable in the eyes of the lord.. but they are UNFORGIVEN BY THE INDIVIDUALS. thats all i meant.. dude you can do some gnarly shit and god WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.. thats not justification, but its HOPE... you can come back from that shit... after i read what you said i read the story of judice... *(sorry i JUST woke up and my thoughts are a bit messy)*... remember him? yeah... i realised i was doing much more harm then good, and i wrote that subtle appology.. man like that.. i UNDERSTAND shit sucks, that life sucks.. and that sometimes people make BAD decisions. i do alot. you did, and prolly still do. look man i appologised for being so harsh, and then you flip on me.. i dont know what that was about.. i did use your examples as steppingstones to bring a BIGGER point across..but i wasnt trying to crucify you man... like i said i appologise. im sure we could be cool friends or something.. you could PROBABLY do me a LOT of good and teaching me, letting me UNDERSTAND the mentality that urges people in a direction like that... i always tried to play underdog.. i mean.. i did, and i do, and sometimes i fight the fight dirty.. like i did earlier man.. so yeah.. im not nor was i ever trying to call you out.. i had a bad approach to try to prove a point. i appologise. sorry man.
  8. i cheat alot. too much. i think its emotional dis-attachment. im kinda fucked up that way. thats why my art is so good.
  9. after the LT-1 or before? my buddy has a blown 4.3 pushin 410 to the rear wheels.. fast as shit.. but i dont know how it would do on a 3k mile excursion.. but i KNOW it can take a vette, prolly the lower class cars on the trip.. but he wouldnt finish high..
  10. just a car guy.. sorry. wishing i could dump my 4.3 vortec and do a LT-1 swap.. push a big ass blower under there and run 500 hp rear wheels 550 ft/lbs torque and just SPANK those 100k+ cars... chevy power.
  11. mr lif fuckin BANGS. slug's album about christina ricci is good too.. its him and murs.. umm, murs. thats about it. kinda disappointed with music lately. prolly why im working so hard at making a change. i.e. throwing myself in the ring.
  12. anyone else wish they could do this shit.. go 180+ mph through the u.s. in a BRAND NEW exotic and just party crazy crazy crazy... then throw away tickets, outrun cops, titties everywhere.. etc... madness.. anyway. big dreams. small bank account.. on a side note, bam margera will be in it with his 360 ferrari.. asshole.. just for being stupid he gets to drive a ferrari. haha.
  13. the murs and slug album about christina ricci.. BLOWIN up my truck in the 2k2
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