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  1. pprrrops table spoons dishes and 4orks its all good
  2. sweet fuking crist this is bullshit take a look at the photos of the bulldozers there totally different was this girl standing in front of one and than too get run over she has to find a different bulldozer with a totally different lanscape in the background. its two different pictures it all made up but let me reiterate im very sorry that a girl lost her life i just want to make a point that this story was conjured up as an attempt to spread anti semitic propaganda and is not a real reliable story
  3. *********** you seem to be a raging anti semite with close minded racist anti isreal point of view its funny how most of the issues and propaganda you choose to bring up is mostly innacurate and you fail to deliver both sides of the story. im also sure you would not start to view the world around you with open minded unbiased eyes since you stated that you developed youre anti semitic hatred for people that you were told to hate at a vewry young age and was just another victim of middle eastern anti isreal propaganda and i am sorry to hear that you can find love in an illegal artform that society has socioeconomically constructed as somthing illegal and wrong but you wont open youre eyes and asses the middle eastern situation instead you just try so hard to spread this propaganda that you were told to belive . you brought this into a graffit forum where people discuss graffiti and in this section hot girls and shit n you are whining about a girl killed by a bulldozer being driven by people associated by the idf . hmm i wonder how long it took you to find such propaganda i wonder why this story hasnt been published in any other respected source for unbiased news just from the pictures alone this story is bullshit im not doubting that there is a dead palestinian girl and im very sorry to hear that an innocent life got caught up in the mix of this middle eastern crisis however a clearly marked palestinian girl standing next to a buldozer with a bull horn is not a clearly marked girl in the path of a buldozer headed maliciously for her where is the driver where are the other protesters why is there no consistency with the ictures of the buldozers. aside from that all youre facts and anti semitic comments and attempts at relaying information about isreal american financial affairs are all of and for some strange reason you cant seem to tell both sides of the storty youre statement of innocent pallestinain bloodshed at the hands of israellis is totally wrong , what about the thousands of innocent israellis killed at the hands of suicide bombers one palestinan girls life doesnot in any way shape or form outwiegh all the innocent bloodshed at the hands of palestian terrorists and suicide bombers which has been going on ever since israel was established also youre statement of our tax dollars going to israel, america financialy helps just about every nation in some way but the amount of tax dollars which come out of our pokets to help a maintain a nation full of terrorists and keep them from the bringing themselves into thier own third world country is a much greater american financial expenditure than any amount the us has sent to israel you want america to stop supporting israel why so they dont have the intelligance or funding to help rebuild everything the palestinians blow up if america want involved the palestinians would just blow that hole region into a hole in the desert its also funny how you cant make one statement in this thread without stating inacurate racist remarks against israel try to win us over with youre propaganda when the palestian government does not fund terrorism and when government funded extremest groups like hamas jump to take responsibility for the killing of innocent israelis. all the israelis want is a homeland where they can live in peace however the surrounding middleeastern arab countries would never let that happen. and in youre article how the fuck is there a conection beetween israel and an ancient religion just another atemp at racist anti semitic propaganda and i really dont believe that statement is accurate . but i wont even bring up all the connections between palestinian government and people and the breeding of hate filled terrorists like youre self who only live to bring bullshit up like this on graffiti forums to try to whine to get attention and then the ones that take it to the extremes like the ones involved in the sept 11 attacks and the people who belive that if there r pep[le that dont follow thier religion they dont deserve to live. when has there ever been a israli sucide bomber . and how you try to make the palestian people involved in hatred and anti semitism seem so innocent when one girl is caught up in this mess and killed cannot be compared to all the innocent isralli life lost throughout the years and all the fear they life with. also where is that article from that you posted what unbiased news source did that come from maybe the palestinian times where they make up thier own stories let me just state that i do not come from these regions and i do not make uneducated biased and racist judgements i take the unbiased approach and make the effort to make my own opinions and standpoints on these topics i dont know what else too say but please do not come on to these boards with anti semitic propaganda with an attempt to spread it some more please open your own eyes and asses the sittuation practice what you preach********** sorry for all the spelling errors and run on sentances i am in a hurry peace
  4. tamar


  5. http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.digitalpose.com/mbr/501/17247/p/267145_6697346583048107251_vl.jpg'>
  6. http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.digitalpose.com/mbr/501/17247/p/257943_8102410884835307413_vl.jpg'>
  7. http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/4365/thumbnails/35286'>
  8. alright hold on firstly the previous gusto related comments made by the username tamer was my boy des he uses my name when he comes on here also hes just venting alittle second all those jumpin on gustoes nutsack in his defense chill out cus him and his boy gr4 pulled some extremelly shady shit fukin over des so let the kid state his opinion third i got nothin but respect and props for the whole cnd fam certaintly doing thier thing aside for a minor setback by johny law which im truly sorry too hear about,will continue too kill shit and im sure des feels the same way hes just alittle stressed out about getting dicked over by gr and gusto fourth lets please not let this stupid internet shit escalate any further oh and by the way all the shit from the summit is very impressive glad to see every body had such a good time and somebody please post a clear flick of nicones piece from the ynn prodo peace
  9. cougth cough ...sorry couldnt tell if it was fresh...i confused it with your last 20 generic pieces...cough cough
  10. fuck u gusto fuck u gusto u piece of shit
  11. its darks some silly kid who writes nace and i think thats drast
  12. tamar

    On my travels

  13. tamar

    On my travels

  14. tamar

    some miami crap!

    free 5 down in floridia wha wha what
  15. lookin forward to the dvd and if any body got a flick of the cope canvas as well as the others at yrb please post
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