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  1. that is a exceptional garm piece..but the character is down right gay.also theres a bit of a simularity between kespers r and your r as well as his e except after c...oh well who cares huh as long as someone is making a effort to paint..yay for garm..:crazy:
  2. yeah!!! thats exctly what i will do..ima diss you via email chump
  3. brok 5


    biter is dope..you and your boys really are some fr8 gangstahs....keep pumpin em out man!
  4. http://www.houstongraffiti.com/CC3/P1010391.JPG'> man what the hell ever..my boy meat will straight fuck you up on the wall and clown you on the streets..this guy is one of houstons best all around writers..well balanced diet of walls heavens..billboards..trains..etc..watch your mouth next time
  5. :D :D ..im ating lobstah while yall niggas eating whoppahs..!!!:lol:
  6. that smurf shit is ill.....seriously click it....mmmm....tasty:p :crazy: :P :crazy: :crazy: :lol:
  7. ha ha..that guy desk is a big gurly gurl..hes tryna get all oh h town involved in his personall life...no one cares about you or your beef, handle it on your own not on the board, and garm is right, everyone is a toy thats outside of the kws dts atk circle, but thats how it is when you run shit, them kids got pull.. desk quit whining to everyone, your making to big of a deal outta this, handle it on your own, no one wants to hear who said this or who said that, why do you need the support of everyone if your so comfident that you will burn, the bigger the crowd you gather the more humiliation you will face if you loose:crazy: :king:
  8. :D im fillin all my teeth up with princess cuts!
  9. R.I.P BARRY WHITE :o :o :o :( :( :(
  10. you tell em vatoe!!!fuck them pinche maricones..all the dopest writers in houstone are raza..
  11. that wall is not off limits,well sorta she only lets dts and kws paint there now..:( too bad for the rest of us one less wall we can paint..oh well theres always the shitsi wall:idea: :lol: :lol:
  12. Y.A the kats up at y.a from left to right is sode..brok...character by render...akter and color....kws crew...somebody post that shit...itx hot......holla
  13. http://atlantic.photoisland.com/sessions/50528766269/19176486lg.jpg'> nekst..jadehttp://atlantic.photoisland.com/sessions/50528766269/19176487lg.jpg'> popquiz..prime http://atlantic.photoisland.com/sessions/50528766269/19176489lg.jpg'> prime ill post more tommorow.......
  14. MORE FR8S http://atlantic.photoisland.com/sessions/50528766269/19176276lg.jpg'> KOW..VIZIE http://atlantic.photoisland.com/sessions/50528766269/19176277lg.jpg'> EKO http://atlantic.photoisland.com/sessions/50528766269/19176278lg.jpg'> VIZIE http://atlantic.photoisland.com/sessions/50528766269/19176281lg.jpg'> NEKSThttp://atlantic.photoisland.com/sessions/50528766269/19176282lg.jpg'> NEXT ...all images were ganked of corse..enuff botty chatta...more flix...old or new..........holla
  15. local celebs.... http://atlantic.photoisland.com/sessions/50528766269/19176272lg.jpg'> BARF...NEXT http://atlantic.photoisland.com/sessions/50528766269/19176274lg.jpg'> CRAE...VIZIE http://atlantic.photoisland.com/sessions/50528766269/19176275lg.jpg'> KOW
  16. ......LOVE IT MANN!:crazy: :lol: :lol:
  17. like a pimp by the time i hit tha door i saw hoes on the floor..niggas dressed in suits trickn all they dough..me im a pimp i aint paying fo no sex..man id rather by a car or a new rolex..cus i got street fame so hoes flock like birds..i got one hoe on her knees..i got one hoe on the curb..when i hit the club..ima be with david banner a thug ass nigga with bad table manners..we akt bad my nigga what is yall sayin..like when we walk in side clubs niggas hold they girls hand ..cus they know we paint choo choos all night..how could yo girl leave with me and been with you all night..but its all right cus you know we dont kiss..like too short said bitches aint shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D :king: :king:
  18. i think ins wants some...?:o :lol: :lol:
  19. just seen y.a all i can say is berrrddd!! what happen to that boy ....he was talking shit we put a clappin to that boy!..damn mexicans..kws are ghetto fabulous:king: bump
  20. u got to make sho both hands on tha floor...then you wobble wobble pop yo ass on tha floor..you bounce it then pick it back up..now you can tell that i wanna fuck
  21. ok heres one for you predjaduce aussie and newsealand fucks...i hate to break your heart "mate" but america =bigger country..200 times more trains..and 100 times as many dope writers..you come out here and bet put in your place..rememember we started it then yall caught on..america..the land of style...:king: :lol: :lol:
  22. ROBOCOP SHMOWBOCOP ok for the little kiddies just entering the graff game..the robocop has been burned since like 2000..but burning over history..or should i say going over because we all know yall dont burn..any ways going over history isnt cool. yall need to learn respect..fuck robocop..get a life and some style while yall are at it..dont forget to get some skill also...:king: :lol: :crazy:
  23. :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :yum: :lol: :lol: iwonttell...never ever ever ever!!!!
  24. gangstah yano..why are you so damn gangstah..ruthless as gangstah:king:
  25. hell yeah..somebody knows what im talking about..boss hogg outlawz....chamillionaire...bump:lol: :cool:
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