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  1. yo is that two guys painting the same word or one guy two pieces? either way cool shit.........i hope that aint LEGAL BOY
  2. good idea man, I thought i'd keep my selections local, so these are from Perth Western Australia. Hagar, from the All Mighty crew http://www.watarush.com/walls/31/hagacraig.jpg'> Best train ive seen all year is this Eldum by Mudle, also AM. http://www.watarush.com/trains/07/eldumtrain.jpg'> Best frieght flicked this year, these are just my opinions, Dabue FDP crew. http://www.watarush.com/trains/06/ag22027.jpg'> Keep the pics comming, these are thanks to -> www.watarush.com <-
  3. man dont just talk about it, post em up if you can! hence is fucking dope
  4. thats shits dope, heat is on fire, but that dizo really caught my eye, thanks for the quality flicks -also that hence is dope!
  5. fucking dope work man! cool flicks, nice to see your getting out there atleast :P - that smash is cool as fuck
  6. that shits nice, the muzo shit is hot
  7. edge poke prae! fucking cool stuff, that billboard is dope
  8. umm this shit is fucking dope! if you can sift through the six pages of bullshit, dope shit tokeo!
  9. bus insides like YER! perth aint a shit little town, just coz we didnt make our own thread doesnt mean shit. Keep it rockin'
  10. Ahh yer, pitty your a fucking poorcunt krie.
  11. that behive stuff is really really fucking cool, pars n et shit looks ok too, but yer behive!
  12. stae, days, tars whore! dope post ese, once again. If all you care about is getting talked about in another language, fuck man, just have a beer ay. up the drunks.
  13. jelo like woah! zink is dope too bump
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