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  1. i was just wondering if any body on 12oz likes ska. Old and new. From the specials to the pilfers. Or even skank like operation Ivy or Skankin Pickle> if you do, thats great, if you dont, you should. If your in to drum&Bass, listen to the pilfers It might have two f's:lol: :lol: :lol: :yum: :idea: :dazed: :cool: :rolleyes: :mad: :o :(
  2. :jpotato: :jpotato: :jpotato: :jpotato: im bach fuckers its been :krunk: a while , actually its been a couple of months, but im back. gone but not forgoten. so have fun making fun of me.:king:
  3. oh come on dawg, please help out my homie, hes off the fob( the little chain that hangs from glasses) fo' sheezie. :jpotato: :jpotato: :jpotato: :jpotato: :ballcap: come awn my niggas.
  4. I need your help. I have a freind, Travis Poole, Who needs money for a operation on the back. As most people know, white people cant jump or play basketball well. He hurt himself trying to slam dunk the rim and ended up landing on his poor little back. So please if you would post how much money you will send and ill will send you the address. THANK YOU :king: :king: :king: ;)
  5. i cant talk i have no time to waist the worlds coming to an end:D :D :D :D
  6. i would watch it to laugh, not to pay attention, thatsa waistofmy time
  7. Jamie thomas came downto florida and did a demo, he sucked bad. We were all hyped about seeing him and we waited for a fucking hour. when he showed up we waited and saw the downfall of pro's. He fell more then he landed. Its amall park and theres lots to do. Ijust cant beleive it
  8. telefuzz


    i got fucking soccer practice the hole weekend, but ill take some time to skateboard :king:
  9. europe gets it HEEL YA:dazed:
  10. last week i was getting a ride home with some freinds, when all of a sudden "ice ice baby" started playing. we wereat a stop light nextto a couple of wiggerswho were listeningto some gay ass rap song. we turned it up as loud as we could and started to sing. we pissed those muthas off. it was funny as shit:king:
  11. ill trade you a pre used complete board and two el-comino hotwheels that are worth alot
  12. there should be a high school skate team, us kids have been forced to skate in the back allys of our school and our boards have been taken up many,many times. so why shoudnt we have a skateteam, i mean we even have a fuckingg golf team.:mad:
  13. why dont schools have a skateboarding team. besides the fact that its dangerous and most teachers cant skate. enough kids skate to form a reslly good team.
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