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one two nine

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  1. yaa i seen that shit, its fuken HUGE someone please post a flick!!
  2. miami vice has ne body seen n e graff in MIAMI VICE YET???
  3. http://groups.msn.com/addicted2freights/freightspage1.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=473'> SINER COF FUKQ NSF http://groups.msn.com/addicted2freights/freightspage1.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=474'> SUPER STS COF http://groups.msn.com/addicted2freights/freightspage1.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=193'> SMASH FS DTT
  4. javascript:doPic('12/18.jpg');'> air dme fukq nsf
  5. that dash and them chracters are awesome! burnin up! faggets dont know about fba and how raw they are
  6. that dizoe next to yours
  7. last reply was dircted towards dash if i didnt state that sorry its the indoh... hit me up via email rrrimee@cs.com if ud like to spill some miami memories and history if not please post it here.
  8. ay dash how long did you guys paint down here in miami??? id love to hear about miami's prime from a true "king". nowadays miami is dead its horrible. a lot of fresh piecers, no bombing. well w-e id REALLY apriciate if u could give a lil more miami history... and by the way why the beef wit aim and dam crews??? it would have been amazing if you guys could have colaborated...
  9. man that crayola cbs is freeeeessssshhh!!!!!
  10. ay shut up man ces' E is fresh and original, what are u talkin about???callin ces whak haha
  11. http://paintmyface.puregraffiti.com/atl-bombing/hense-sever-bridge_x400.jpg'> http://paintmyface.puregraffiti.com/atl-bombing/a67.jpg'> http://paintmyface.puregraffiti.com/atl-bombing/demolition_x380.jpg'> http://paintmyface.puregraffiti.com/atl-bombing/nashville-sever-hense_x380.jpg'>
  12. http://paintmyface.puregraffiti.com/atl-bombing/a51.jpg'> http://paintmyface.puregraffiti.com/atl-bombing/a38.jpg'> zoom in of next flcikhttp://paintmyface.puregraffiti.com/atl-bombing/a39.jpg'> http://paintmyface.puregraffiti.com/atl-bombing/mdr-hense-borne_x400.jpg'> http://paintmyface.puregraffiti.com/atl-bombing/pdr-hense-borne_x320.jpg'>
  13. http://paintmyface.puregraffiti.com/atl-bombing/rel-hence-85_closeup_x250-5.jpg'> rel hence http://paintmyface.puregraffiti.com/atl-bombing/a6.jpg'>hence bornhttp://paintmyface.puregraffiti.com/atl-bombing/a45.jpg'> hence born
  14. http://paintmyface.puregraffiti.com/la/la-57_x400.jpg'> i think some one was askin for this flick, well here it is
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