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  1. Being asked "where did you get that idea from?" about the 1in holes in my ears.
  2. Del


    still empty handed Does anyone know where I can get a new hairnet? Old school italian style. They still make them in Europe somewhere. I just can't seem to find'em. Hit my e-mail if you have a lead. Thanks.
  3. Del

    Mako's Blackbook

    Yo that piece book is real fly! Mako, thanks for all your efforts.
  4. Del


    Hey fellas! How are the races going? How are the whips holden? Road racin' season is going good so far. Hope everyone is havin' some fun. Cinny, I never did get up with you at them time trials earlier.
  5. What the fuck is goin' on? All of you have my e-mail so get at me! Donald Duck, especially you, when you get the time.
  6. Del


    Last Sunday's time trial cancelled due to an icy course. Next Sunday's a winner for the birthday boy. Keep havin' fun kids.
  7. I thought this was a Soul to Soul thread. Anyway, really nice flicks!
  8. Del


    57.10 I just got to the results. The computer that they let customers use at the VW dealership wouldn't let me access the page. It's not as well as I had hoped but it's still under an hour. And given the circumstances, I pleased with it. I'll do better next week. Yo Cinny, were your boys doin' a two man run or individual? Look, I hope to see you there. I'll have a Tour de Cure jersey on.
  9. Feelin' that Funk! Keep it fowin'.
  10. Del


    Steve Austin, I have to agree with you on diggin' peugeots. Hit the first TT of the season, out in no-whereville Surry,VA. 20 miles under 40 degrees with a cold and I'm in well under an hour. Hell yeah I'm happy! More suprised I think. I don't care what place I ended up in. Howz the rest of the pack farin'?
  11. Del


    My first tattoo was the quote"You are not what you own" in old type font on the inner left fore arm. Perhaps a familiar quote to some of you. Then "hooligan" across my knuckles in an irish font.
  12. Del


    Whats up fellas? Any single speeders up in here?
  13. Del


    Yo, Colorado Cyclist is great. Especially when they are right downthe street and your roomate gets a mad discount.
  14. Thats the way to start a thread. Nice flicks. Got any KAR, CON, or AREK?
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