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  1. Thats so true. I wish there could be some type of regulations on the military ads. Just like how the drug companies must tell side-effects, the military should show people getting shot at on a battelfield. No special-effects or heroic music, since that isnt reality. Just showing troops on both sides shooting at each other and bloody uniforms and civilians screaming and shrapnel flying, etc. Too bad it wont happen.
  2. Yeah lately people have questioned as to whether or not the Airborne divisions are becoming 'dated'. But sometimes it can be a very effect means of sending ground troops.
  3. really? i wasnt aware of that. are you absolutely sure of it? i thought you signed up for 11X and then after that the option was there. Maybe youre right though, maybe its just special forces you cant enlist for. Im not 100% sure.
  4. besides the fact that I dont think Pistol would ever join. heres some proof. "I couldn't even join the Army cause I have a back problem. " - Pistol Jan 7, 2003 Well, I guess it also shows at one point he had an interest in joining. So I dunno. Also, you dont enlist into the 82nd. The 82nd is a specialized unit. Nobody enlists into jump school. Its typically for Rangers (something else you cant enlist into), or other infantry types. But first you must enlist into the Army, pass basic, and then when youre in the Army you can apply for Airborne. On a side note, Airborne blows. Ive talked to people in the 82nd, and believe me, if you think youre being paid to skydive youre gonna be disappointed. When you land it feels, literally, like jumping off a 2 story building. "You dont land, you crash" one guy told me.
  5. How anyone could eat meat after seeing those pics is beyond me. But who knows, people say the same shit about abortion pics, Ive seen abortion pictures and am still 100% pro-choice.
  6. Youre an American, get over it. Youre just looking for some cockamamie loophole so you dont have to call yourself 'American'. That way youre exempt from all this anti-America bullshit you and the others in your 'pissed off young white teen society' like to spew. If you dont like shit, why dont you do something? Why arent you a human shield? Why dont you join the Iraqi military?
  7. I could go through your list and show you how stupid you are, but I think a major dose of reality and some maturity is the only thing to fix you. The fact that you would wish death upon American soldiers is appalling. Forget all your bullshit anti-America sentiment, but youre wishing death on innocent human beings. You probably have never been in the military and realize that alot of our soldiers are young men and women who are trying to better their lives. Youre not even a liberal, youre just some right-wing extremist idiot. Fuck you.
  8. I recommend you look at those pics while listening to 'Spirit in the Sky'. It will make you pissed and ready to kick ass. RIP to our soldiers. And whoever did that shit to those guys, Fuck You. Rot in Hell - motherfuckin' cocksuckers. But dont worry, their days are numbered as well.
  9. "Going to war without France is like going deer hunting without your accordian" - Gen. Norman Schwartzkopf (sp?)
  10. i think its stupid to say theyre selling out. calvin klein probably offered them a nice sum of money just to draw a picture for a bottle. plus you get your drawing on a ck one bottle - thats pretty dope in my book. espo, futura, and delta have all paid their dues to graf and have churned out excellent stuff in the process - let them make a few bucks, dont hate.
  11. I just feel like nobody has the right to hit another person except in self-defense. I have never hit another person except in self-defense. Therefore if the girl was the one to start the violence by hitting me, she'd be wrong. I do not feel its wrong to defend yourself - even if its against a girl (it isnt legally wrong, either).
  12. who cares? at one point or another just about every word in the dictionary was some crazy slang word for something - amongst a small group of people. cess is a commonly used slang for weed.
  13. After her death, the family was asked whether they wanted to donate Santillan's organs. They said no, a hospital spokeswoman said. "Right now we are in the process of investigating the case," Dixon said Monday on CNN's "American Morning." "We are supposed to get the medical records today from Duke." The family attorney indicated that once Santillan's parents reviewed the records along with the autopsy results, they would decide whether to take further action. http://www.cnn.com/2003/HEALTH/02/24/trans...rror/index.html
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