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  1. Reminds me of the legal graffiti area stencil Bansky was doing. Perfect example of how stencils can be used for culture jamming, would like to see some pics of these if anyone has any! I like the Jesus stencil EccE.
  2. I must say that the days one is awsome, the whole thread is totally fresh, doin Sydney very proud
  3. Thanks Foxy, I will take that into consideration next stencil i do, i will post it and see if it is better. Do you generally tag the stencil? That is having your name in the stencil? Like Banksy, Psalm and EccE have done with theirs
  4. kali


    Just wondering if anyone can give me some advise on my stencil http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00241661f00000035.jpg'>
  5. I like the platypus because they are uniquue and there different. Is there anything anyone can give me technicial advise on?.
  6. it's sad to think that so many styles can never be seen again, it's good to see so many pics of old school writers
  7. This is one of my stencils would like to know your feedback
  8. thats's great my boyfriend and i generally go togeher too, less chance of getting busted,look forward to your pics
  9. I like the last one, very nice
  10. kali


    Is that girl Manga style? I like it, Shadowing looks good
  11. Just asking if anyone knows of any girl stencil artists, i am intrested in seeing some pics from us females.......
  12. kali

    Graff Girls

    Anyone know any girls like myself that are into stenciling?
  13. Re: New Stencils I like the layers i think it is more effective on a street wall, Fresh use of single layers as well ecce
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