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Tom Snyder

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  1. a year off. 1960 Cadillac Series 62 convertible
  2. Hey greasemonkey fix my car. http://www.colortini.com/images/TomOllieCa.JPG'>
  3. That my fine sir almost made it into the Homosexual Undertones
  4. 2 weeks, i'd say your in the clear. keep plundering.
  5. according to a interview with heidi fleiss some years back anywhere from 48 hours after sex to a week.
  6. Conan just ended our brief feud with that little gem about Canada.
  7. Kid's need to learn to respect their elders. http://www.colortini.com/images/2.gif'>
  8. Which reminds me when are you gonna hit your prime?
  9. Shit i didn't retire from CBS until 1999. Now take your Ron Howard Opie Taylor dolly outta here.
  10. Too bad I wasn't a writer for them or else I woulda got a 3 in. plastic doll too. Do you have a TV show? Let's handle this powder meet me at the beach.
  11. I'm so OG NightOwl I had "The Tommarow Show" & "The Late Late Show".
  12. Took you long enough with that quick witted reply. What's a matter red? Your writers don't work on Sundays?
  13. I've been smoking cigars and drinking hard liquor on TV since before you got your first sunburn Q-Tip.
  14. Hello NightOwls. Since I no longer host "The Late Late Show" I can chill here. http://www.mptv.org/irmsny.jpg'>
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