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  1. une bns bns bns bns paint paint paint hit me up at mikekolangot@yahoo.com
  2. Re: Re: ...legals?... dump da bodies... lol cops have other things to worry about in da 0...ders only hella cops der wen ders a g@#*
  3. philosophies i think its super chill
  4. stunkz nice pics mayn...u frm da bay??? hit me up on coer510@yahoo.com
  5. kain_ka_tae


    http://www.eluciv.com/pieces/02.gif'> http://www.eluciv.com/pieces/03.gif'> http://www.eluciv.com/pieces/11.gif'> http://www.eluciv.com/pieces/14.gif'> ill post more when i get the other rolls developed
  6. kain_ka_tae


    i seen sum hindue in san jose is dat da same hindue frm sd?
  7. dirty dirty sick ass thread...lol v1.2 wat is dis counter strike
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