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  1. hova

    Graff Girls

    Re: uhm Did I miss the Memo that said you were all Goth now and shit? Have you been hanging out with Vegan.... Vegan leave your girl friend at home/ shes got a Mo- Hawk and Tattoo on her dome/Vegan leave your girl friend at home/and BYC is Jumpin Jumpin [/b] man any excuse to sing that shit and he does, oh excuse me she does. man check your sexuality. thats hate, you know what i always say "live in box, cant call the cops" what happened to the girls yo? wanna see some more graff from the wonderful women or vandalism ya heard. except REM, once again, she a bitch.
  2. hova

    Graff Girls

    girlie girl my all time frisco faves MEOW-LOVECATS, just cause im a ryda and shes my rolla. PR baby. she once slapped me in the face for hittin her up with a lower case E, thats class. ESA-just plain classy ASIA-og, and when we got nabbed on that roof she proved she was a soldier "oh him, thats my boyfriend" god im still blushing. onetime aint got nothing on us maing!!!!!!!!!!! PHENA AND SIREN- you guys are a team right? sirens tags are loctite. TIGGA LOVE-even if she is a drama queen, she wrecked hard, cfor or no cfor, she ran tough and handled her biz, plus her man smokeys my dog, he fire up tough everytime i see him, and thats a plus, cause he cool. DEADCAT-connect gangin hey mr30s-what you knwo about a 38 geary baby daddy beatdown? and this is for the record FUCK REM- GOD WHAT A BITCH. (not thr related)
  3. hova


    man, just found this thread. Jon See Lim was my nephew in traditional chinese culture, not blood, but related just the same. i remember when he first got down with thr and had to skip town so he could beat the rap on some graff cases he had in san jose. he went to chicago and ny to bomb and develop his style- broke his legs jumpin off a roof and hiding in snow to get over, he never even waited for his legs to heal and for the rest of his days walked with a small limp and in pain-but you would never know that cause he wouldnt show it. he would call me every day telling me about what he was hitting and who he was meeting-i used to think he was nuts and was actually really scared for him, sometimes i didnt believe him, he said sometimes he would do twenty throws a day, and twenty AT NIGHT! i couldnt believe that at all. ok cut it short-heres my tie tales that guy used to listen to kung fu disco soundtracks in his headphones when he was bombing, some ill bruce lee movie soundtracks and shit. he one time left me a whole thirty minute message on my machine with that stuff in the background rapping.-what a nut. when he went to Nyc- he brought 60 mops filled with him, some pens, stickers, and a sweater-just about nothing else. i was painting a piece once and he rolled me up and started screaming at me at the top of his lungs because i had brushed an outline of his, but then proceded to break me off german thin tips cause he didnt want to see me outlining with stock caps, then twist rolls up and tie starts yelling at him too, llike" you fuckin never go bombin, you need to represent thr barry, i go out every night barry! i go bombing i go tie tie tie tie all over this fuckin city!, then some girl in a car rolls up to the spot, and tie tries to hook me up with her, man it was great, we made peace all together right there, but it seemed like twisto and tie didnt hit it off so great, as it would seem. the night after or so some cat that had funk with twist for some reason rolled up on tie, and this dude was huge! and tie straight said "i got twists back till the day i die!" and spit in dudes face, this dude was twice as big and twice as tall as tie, and tie took one for the team that night, and was still talkin shit on the ground from what i hear. i visit jon once a year, his parents dont remember me but i visit them infrequently at the bakery and tip a lot. great thread, love to see more flicks.
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