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  1. I think he just wants attention. Watch, just tell him he doesn't have a real drug problem and he will come back and argue about all the drugs he has done. He likes to hear that he's an "addict". He think it's makes him cool. I can't believe some of you actually feel "sorry" for this guy. I would in no shape or form help someone that brags about their drug addiction because they obviously don't want to be helped at all. He made his own bed and he needs to lie in it.
  2. Leatitia Casta Tera Patrick Catherine Zeta Jones Winona Ryder Denise Richards honorable mentions: -Aria Giovanni -Bridget Hall -Josie Maran -Kristen Kreuk -Audrey Tautou
  3. Jello Biafra

    as up!

    Nace still getting benched on the regular!
  4. Holy shit that is hilarious.... and very scary as well.
  5. What a great title. I've also seen: -Young, Dumb, and Full of Cum.
  6. Some interesting porn titles I've seen... -South Central Hookers -There's Something About Gary
  7. http://www.wiggaz.com/photos/clown.jpg'> insane clown posse wiggaz http://www.wiggaz.com/photos/gigger.jpg'> female wiggaz
  8. I used to talk to Asend on the net years ago. Nice guy. I see he is still painting.
  9. I posted pictures of Kristen Kreuk a few months ago on the hot chicks thread, and nobody gave a damn. Now she has her own appreciation thread. Good for her. Her exotic looks come from being half Chinese.
  10. Mr. President... that's understandable. Looking through my own flick collection, it's pretty bias as well.
  11. According to my trip to Austin and what's I've seen with my own 2 eyes, this thread is pretty bias.
  12. Wait now there's a Meek and a Meca? Meeka takes the cake.
  13. What is going on with graff? Since when did getting up with biten ass styles you got off the internet (which are extremely obvious) deserve props?? The STH thread from a few months ago was a lot better.
  14. you are 21 years old and the best thing you can do is bitch about your shitty life online? get some friends. oh wait, you dont have any because you are a whiny little boy. no wonder your girlfriend dumped you. jello biafra the love doctor
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