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  1. damn i didnt even ever see these posted. fucken queernuts. wheres the more promised?
  2. cruking aint easy to all the haters, just keep on hating. i like it. it makes me strive to paint cleaner. i dont care if you dont like my stuff, because im not going to give up writing because some faceless name on the internet said they werent feeling three freights all over two years old. shit i didnt even post em. thanks for posting a few of my flics though. cruk blows all right cruk blows blunt after blunt of that supreme northern cali doja. amish knows. im not going to get all butt hurt over some hating though that was junior high type shit im 24 years old now still writing with a family and a full time job and traveling nationwide on the regular so hate on that.
  3. wha wha what nokontenderz. whats up playa. i see u finally post my flics we scanned. why dont u post some more of my shit fool. when is your girl going to come have a threesome with me and my old lady? hahaha amish son which homie are u? r u a wcm head or nada?
  4. 4get ive seen most of these in person. and i have flics of the moving place. i have a lot more 4get flics that arent posted here. like the ones near the yard in that town. local heads know where im talking about. whats up with some solar ue flics or 4get over kant? that shit is dope. or the 4get 2big peice under the freeway?
  5. Why would I buy that COPE throw when i can just open any new york based zine and see a flic of it?
  6. when i wanted to get fucked up in pa and i had no loot id get hella camos and get fucked up.
  7. wheres all the ceiv or kose or percept shots? where are all the bay heads at?
  8. dope post ive caught a lot of merc tusk made you look freights
  9. weird shit the first time i saw an other i was in york, pa and the streak said york pa underneath it. where im at now the yard has a long line of trains that are dead. in them there is a water bed lou and on the same freight a matokie slaughter with a womans face. jase and neon outlines. a jase fokis neon and another head i cant remember e2e is in the yard hella faded and the doors open and some homeless guy lives in it and i was reading some baltimore zine and seen the same freight in it. i showed it to the bum. on the east coast i saw a twist bottle with an arrow that said the king is over there and there was a rambler streak to where it was pointing. ive seen a tight spider at the tops of hella boxcars. usually in black and white.
  10. jolt68 jolt 68 is dope i have flics of jolt freights from like 4 years back
  11. buter bump for the bay
  12. someone should flic that espn throw with arme under the bridge.... fuck these neo dimise flics wheres some flics from the hill?
  13. im just saying where i was at in pa people call harrisburg the burg. around that area thats what people call it. im not saying they dont say the burg for other spots but where i was at thats what they were reffering to. i think pa is tight as fuck. i went to pittsburgh alot and philly a little. i painted in philly with had geist and amok. the scenes in pittsburg and philly are off the hook. tight ass shit. i got hella respect. harrisburg is coming up too though they got that minor league team and theyre building an elevated train too. any cats ever roll through york?
  14. the burg im not from pa i lived there for 3 years and i went all over the state. but every where i went when people said the burg they were referring to harrisburg. theres blitzburgh for pittsburgh and the burg for harrisburg. someone should post the wall on subs and suds in york where had and amok from philly and krazy from the burg and myself painted a fat production. york has very little bombing but a very very active fr8 scene. harrisburg has a lot more writers than what is on here. i saw a lot more shop and net and arme and agent then whats on the site too. hella rooftops and hella crushing. much love to krazy and sin two of the most active writers in harrisburg. the thing with the burg is no one really knows each other. who you know is who you paint with and thats it. whoever you roll with is your MOTHER FUCKING KREW crook reppin mfk out here too bitches.
  15. harrisburg for reals wheres all the NUT, KRZ, SIN, FEPT, SIAR, JOCE, CYCLE, get some flics of that straight crushing up in here. wheres some of that CLR/ fept battle? wheres that siar/ kraze battle. show me some rooftops from the hill. show the big boy. on everything mfk needs to go rack a scanner or a digital cause i miss the burg. CROOK MFK WCM GMC. sup sin i know youll see this
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