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  1. ....i was just thinkin that sucks
  2. found it in metal heads....bah humbug http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00398739f00000006.jpg'>
  3. just passing through...but i dont either
  4. ey rize...would you be willing to do the word 'pulse' for me...its for this magazine for school and im tryin to put together a bunch of different styles of the word
  5. well i thought aboout it...but id rather not make a fool of myself..i dont have a scanner or digi anyway...but uhhhh.....anyone wanna battle with the word pulse onlyyyy i wont send mine... please?!?!
  6. if anyone would be hit the word 'pulse' for me, thatd be sweet. its for this school magazine thing and im just tryin to get drifferent styles of the word...anyone wanna spend a couple minutes of their time?
  7. holy shit....thats some fuckin improvement...i cant get over that.
  8. http://www.fatcap.co.uk/host/files/cc38.JPG'> little of jesse in there...huh...huh. from the clogged caps thread
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