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  1. I remember seeing this shit live... dope fliKK
  2. CAnt 4 get about KillA "KEL(4)"
  3. ^^^^ tru to the game niggas....we live 4eva ^^^^
  4. OK Mr. Dank now you will see exactly how pathetic I can be and how serious my graffiti is to me.
  5. Hey Dank you and Sake better watch where you bomb... U fuck heads went over my stainers.. normally I wouldnt say shit but ya'll did it twice. Dont let it happen again or you guys are fuckin done!!!!
  6. SUP CLOWNS... get outta here and get up....
  7. from here on out who reposts and quotes that clown TORK is a toy themselves
  8. FIFTH AVE N CICERO whats this attached thumbnail shit below me?
  9. AnyONE got that new flix of that King KONAME update on the pink line? lolz bitchass toyz must learn.... bump KILLA KEL in effect!
  10. funny I havent been on here for months and I read this...... what up Lime lol yeaah I bricked them bitches a few times coming down my block.... you witnessed it it with your own eyes... so did Casper on his porch hahaha dont forget the time I splashed pop all over one of them and made them stop buffing some YLO shit on wabansia right behind Louie's store in the alley.... ahhhh them were the good'ol days.... slangin rocks, somokin blunts all day, duckin bullets, drinking 40's Keystone Mafia, dipping from cops getting chased thru gangways and bricking the buff. "LITE UP NIGGA"
  11. yeeeeeeeeeeeah. I see you flower child.
  12. thats a sick sivel, cats that aint up on this nigga, betta wrecoknize, WERE ONE!
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