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  1. fuck this these old school pieces of shit suck my dick and swallow my cum. you stupid fucks dont notice how many fuckin times the same old school bitches are jocker ? FYI- there were much more writers than these fuckers, they just capitalized on it, like MCdonalds capitalizes on bveing the only fuickers who make hamburgers, they aint shit but fags that got in graff books, all about the money. my history??? fuck that, this aint my history, my history aint NY, I didnt grow up lookin at the fuckin trains, I grew up lookin at walls, not the ny trains... and why the fuck are you people already fuckin ewith the fuckin signature....?
  2. haha fuck everyone that jocks ny you fags should feel like shit lookin at these flicks, knowing that you live in a bitch ass conservative bitch town and theres kids walkin in the bronx that make writing look easy. fuck, in my days, i went to brooklyn to get ups and that shit was mad easy. just go around the corner and do a throwup, boom, bitch ass new yorkers, fuckin people there dont give a fuck what your doin, they just dont give a fuck about graff either. anti-graff task force, fuck that, they aint that slick you know, if you get busted your fucked probably harder than anywhere else...excep maybe chitown, but you still have a little chance of getting busted. yeah you bitch ass fags from ohio and wisconsin and bullshit like that, you go to ny, and if you got beige colored skin, then you got it made. but of course, if your shit stinks youll get ragged probably that same night. Fuck you all, and fuck the bronx, and fuck manhattan, and the entire west coast, and fuck hawaii,and fuck canada, and FUCK ISRAEL, and fuck you all again, and fuck aruba, he bahamas, jamaica, and fuck mexico, and fuck manhattan, and fuck the bronx, and fuck nas, and fuck jayz,fuck nelly, fuck dmx, fuck the rest of those bitch ass rapper sellouts, fuck tkid, that fuckin bum, FUCK GK, fuck every single country in europe, fuck all of africa, except maybe egypt, fuck china, fuck japan, and fuck this fuckin thread....whats it about again? fuck it!
  3. Heart101 :love2: Greybaby
  4. wow thats so fucking interesting, get the fuck outta here, I dont believe you, you fuckin liar, for real? wow! I would suck you off for that video, mmmmm, yeah, GK... I've never seen GK up, neither have you faggs, so...my point is, he aint shit, fuck that guy, he just got allota dickriders, like the dumbass that started this thread. Fuck GK, Fuck GK, Fuck him, as far as I'm concernerd, hg aint shit but flicks of common graff, that got bbusted like a bitch and for some reason deserves respect? cause the system is a motherfukin unjust piece of shit that fucked this guy? wait...you know what, this little white-boy GK bitch does serve as an example to us writers....be slick!! change your name sometimes?? fucker shouldve quit writing while he had a chance, now look, hes fuked, all he can ever work as is a what? burger king fag? janitor? shit... poor GK, but, I never seen him up, so hes the guy thats famous for publicly fucked up the ass and shitted on... pssssst... word is on the street, hes writing with a different name. doesnt he ever fuckin learn? Ive began really getting into graff and writing like 8 years ago, with 2 hardcore years, 2000 and 2001, hardcore, never got bagged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER WILL!!!!!! fuckin GK is a nobody fuck him use my name username : YasserArafat password: palestine
  6. hi my username is :YasserArafat password: palestine please, dont hesitate
  7. I get no love, all the work I put in , I get no love. flic my shit is raw
  8. Ariel Sharon is a War Criminal responsible for the Sabra and Shatila massacre, and he, contrary to what George Bush says, is NOT a man of peace. Peace with the people of Palestine is the furthest thing on his mind. The state of Israel, by the way, has recieved the most and the harshest condemnations by the UN Human Rights, and other human right advocates as well, for its constant human rights abuses . By far more than any other country in the world. remember it is the Israeli army that has had the people of Plaestine under military occupation and oppression for 54 years. This is not the first intifada (uprising, for you americans, think of it as a revolution) and if the rest of the world leaders wish to remain silent, then the people of Palestine have no options left but to fend for themselves using any means humanly possible to defend their people, their land, and their dignity. The saddest man in the world is one who has no country to call his own. I, General Arafat, the Chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and President of the Palestinian Authority will continue to pursue justice by meeting with other just and understanding leaders from other countries to continue to request international intervention, to protect the people of Palestine from the Israeli atrocities and Human Rights abuses. General Arafat has spoken, and will now retire to masterbate over a chinese women wearing a skirt thats bending over right now.
  9. I think I'm overrated, I just found out about this site and my names going back and forth like some kind of hero, FREE PALESTINE
  10. and... theres no place like Palestine(home).
  11. I am Palestinian And am proud of my people
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