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  1. Pesto OMT is mad simple, PESTOE DP is one of the most versatile writers/bombers in Calgary. Ding a Ling
  2. Cut him off from food for a week, then serve up a fresh piece of dog doodoo. Sure enough that person will eat and enjoy it. Funky
  3. Teach him well, teach him young, that kids gonna GET UP.Word
  4. The fellow that you speek of is alive and well.Loser
  5. KRiLL

    This kids messed

    Ya got that right, I think he has F.A.S
  6. Those colour schemes are fresh, and your styles are so varied.
  7. One of the dopest threads I have seen in a long time. That Cameo is iLL.
  8. 7L & ESOTERIC got shit on lock right now
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