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Everything posted by lace'm_up

  1. Sectr, Falk, Wisdm, Dyme.........so siiiiiiiiiiick
  2. falk, gone, phsyk....so sick
  3. dyme,falk,phsyk,mazer,onset,syze,minus,revise, cease
  4. please tell me that you flicked the rest of that "sighto" automax....such a dirty e2e...
  5. gone,beast,falk,phsyk mazer,globe
  6. when, chip - rbox "legalize it" hollow - hopper mazer - ic mazer (mz) - baby blue cn teck throwie ^ other side of door nace - ic streaks other moyen smak x 2 2teck
  7. italian guy on hopper = GASS!
  8. the best part was the james taylor reference at the end!
  9. you seem to have a little thing goin on for dyme, but none of his buds haha
  10. did you get a chance to see what was beside the Dyme??
  11. lace'm_up

    no name

    phsiiiccckkkkkk syce,dazem,onset and i believe that there's an insane blue "anode" piece in there....at least, it looks like his style wow!
  12. he kills it...such a dope style!, so clean.
  13. dyme and falk...dopeness!! baron,onset,mazer,phsyk,....and the rest
  14. such dopeness baron, sader,werc,onset
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