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  1. Becuse TRU is nation wide playboy......Oregon to Missouri to Florida and growin!!!!
  2. Tru Krew hits up the ris-kayest freights in portland!!!! http://img.ranchoweb.com/images/dopedavid/portland2.jpg'> GEEK, reppin T R U to da fullest wodie "TRU krew finally put america on the graff scene"- GIANT
  3. We cross out them wack toys!!! http://img.ranchoweb.com/images/dopedavid/mona2.jpg'> Mona....Un-fuckin-belivable This is portlands city hall, and TRU KRU hits it up!!!! http://img.ranchoweb.com/images/dopedavid/gaysosawhite.jpg'> SOSA, GAY?....crazy!!! Brought to you by.... http://img.ranchoweb.com/images/dopedavid/trukses.jpg'> TRU KRU, puttin America on the map
  4. Try it Krypto, and see if my whole krew dont cum down on you!!! http://img.ranchoweb.com/images/dopedavid/trukses.jpg'>
  5. just out side of Portland Oregon.... http://img.ranchoweb.com/images/dopedavid/gayhouse.jpg'> SOSA, GAY?...hittin up them Ris-kay spots!!! http://img.ranchoweb.com/images/dopedavid/omenhouse.jpg'> OMEN...hits up this house in the middle of downtown Portland!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY... http://img.ranchoweb.com/images/dopedavid/tru.jpg'> thats it, peaces
  6. yeah, portland is finally startin up a graff sceen, thanks to TRU KRU. thanks for the posts.... bumb
  7. no joke!! TRUK is commin up....just like this thread, bump
  8. ... so I guess your all for war are ya wanka?? and yes Omen did do that last year, as he predicted a war was about to brake out... TRU KRU dont bite...we original
  9. http://img.ranchoweb.com/images/dopedavid/nowar2.jpg'> War? we don't think so. http://img.ranchoweb.com/images/dopedavid/omen.jpg'> Will the world bleed over war??..Omen http://img.ranchoweb.com/images/dopedavid/nowar1.jpg'> Omen predicted this would happen...NO WAR thats it... for now. peace
  10. http://img.ranchoweb.com/images/dopedavid/peasgaysosa.jpg'> "Skunky" Pe(a)s, Gay? and Sosa...hittin them risky spots http://img.ranchoweb.com/images/dopedavid/gay.jpg'> Gay? close up detail shot, "skunky" Peas http://img.ranchoweb.com/images/dopedavid/omengreen.jpg'> Omen http://img.ranchoweb.com/images/dopedavid/sosa.jpg'> Sosa be killin it wit them throwies...SOOOSSSAAA http://img.ranchoweb.com/images/dopedavid/crossout2.jpg'> We cross out them wack toys http://img.ranchoweb.com/images/dopedavid/crossout.jpg'> ...Frickin Toys TRU KRU be holdin it down in the Northwest, TRUK tated on my stomach till I die woddie!!!
  11. ... TRU KRU reps from PDX to the STL
  12. top bumpin it for all you dirties!!
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