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Don Perignon

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  1. is jome still from WAI? :rolleyes:
  2. ETHREADZNY is on point with the bangles and berlin. dont forget that song from "lady in red"....
  3. maybe thats because he isn't. labels or no labels any guy that is way too concerned with his clothes has some either self esteem issues or some homosexual undertones.
  4. relax little dick sucker they are all good except for a couple.
  5. I can't stand jessica biel with her big ass mouth and manly voice. Something about her face bothers me. kirsten dunst... ugh. Her pale chubby face from interview with the vampire forever haunts me. adriana lima... now that's what i'm talking about.
  6. did someone say asian ass??? http://www.terapatrick.online.fr/mikoblue04.jpg'>
  7. http://www.terapatrick.online.fr/horse13.jpg'> ignore the big hairy guy in the background http://www.terapatrick.online.fr/striptease04.jpg'>
  8. You are sleeping big time.... phem9, meeka, mes3, secret, are2, post, main2......
  9. Your first mistake was depending on writers for anything.
  10. And I thought Yano was annoying. I take it back now. angry xboy is way more annoying. http://www.imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/2002/October/15/stamp_original/101520027250874.jpg'> you can't hate on KYT just because other people do. Don't people have minds of their own now....
  11. I like the zones. The super stringy stuff looks pretty ugly.
  12. For reals. Coming on the internet to talk shit about someone makes you look stupid. If got so much beef with that kid you should go tell him to his face.
  13. Here is what was next to that secret shit is fresh
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