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  1. lets change austin. buckle up your seatbelts!
  2. tue enough there's hometown heroes and people that go nationwide. i give ny's jesse his respect but to say the real jesse? i don't consider anyone the real of what ever you write. but then again i give a fuck about all of this so yeah whatevers
  3. it obviously rains too much in the northwest. all these fulls crying about graff on the internet because they can't go outside and play.
  4. he's the real jesse in my book cause i've been to hella cities and even in the middle of nowheres and seen him up and i can't say the same for the other one. not trying to diss or anything just thought your remark was stupid. like there isn't a million writers with the same name. but it's nice to see those DAC nukkas getting crunk in dallas
  5. i caught a skaip train in a hella small town in texas just the other day. spot cursives, hahahahaha, let me let you borrow my glasses so you could read.
  6. looks like some type of futuristic oxegan mask.
  7. veganism is about as hip hop as graff but i have notices the pants getting tight, the portions of food getting smaller, everyone riding fixed gears, and people becoming vegans. a stinker quote.
  8. i sleep walk and take pisses in parts of the house but that's only when i pass out hella drunk. i find it humorous though cause usually someone else cleans it up.
  9. yes austinites know that bush's daughter has wet many dicks on campus. stupid drunk girls rock
  10. yeh i would have to agree with willie being more talented than cash or coe, but when it comes to putting a cd, tape, record, or whatevers in i would have to say that i rather listen to johnny or david. lately though i would have to say david allen coe is my favorite. that fool just makes me laugh hella.
  11. if i didn't already know better this post would make me think that AZ was tight.
  12. why do people post drawings??? that character looks like a hip hop chucky.
  13. johnny cash vs. david allen coe
  14. the x's are a good example of what's up in portland, but you can't fuck wit union jacks, mary's and the magic garden.
  15. yeh people dieing for bullshit like the war we're about to get into is worth money, but then again your still trying to think if the president is good or bad.
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