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  1. shits too sick...i pee'd in my pants!!!nice nice nice other!!!
  2. ahcner and elotes and flow! nice hsit boyzzz :D
  3. alive is it, those characters were sick, tha whole veiw of it was...and tha old fart, shit, im not that old but sk8n n' runnin makes me feel like it :D
  4. :eek: that was almost too much to take in, now thats a lot of whole carzzzz!!!ncie motha fukin post, pace:king:
  5. i's be diggin this shit, tha first 4 sick and some others too, nice post
  6. freightraper


    ya dude, that fear is off tha hook..im wit u in that one, and that cope and dime are pretty sikumzz too!
  7. shame has got some mighty fame...wata guy i tells ya....nice shit shame...lol, nice shit shame, weird...
  8. pace some of tha pics were too big tho...nice fukin thread tho
  9. that one whole car end to end top to bottom....omg, i shit wen i saw it, ive seen it before...but fuk....
  10. next and hevens!is that hevens a mber trade or..?im thinkin YES....nice post :king:
  11. i like that speedy a lot...nice, keep tha chock comin...!
  12. <span style='color:red'>bump dat "rest in peace NACE" FREIGHT</span> *respect nace, he was, still is tha man* rip king nace :king:
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