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  1. Yo Drip I would post flix if I knew how to but it's too confusing 4 me so I just send them to other people and they post em..
  2. Yo SE I sent them flix to u but I don't know what happened. Anny way peace to all the real writers out there who keep it real and don't bitch about stuff and peace to the crew you guys know who u r!:crazy:
  3. Good shit , I like the flik of the Nerd billboard:dazed: :dazed:
  4. TEK Yo TEK when u gonna post them flix I sent u??:D
  5. TEK, USE some one E-mail me so I can send u pics and U can post em!!:cool:
  6. If I send someone some flix can they post em 4 me cuz i dont know how to post flix , but i got some good flix:scramble: :stretch: :loopy:
  7. This is a waist of a thread..... Good job.
  8. Bern is one of the most productive people I have ever met ( or talked to for about 10 minutes at a jam.) but reguardeless , he's just showin love so why say some shit?:D
  9. o well .... I just cant wait for the winter.... Should be a good time for all of us.
  10. If someone would have called me up I would have went to go with u guys and paint and I woulda had flix for u , but no... no one ever thinks of calling DESPO!!!!!!
  11. WORD... I wanna see the flix from the other day.. Shit should be good!!! KWS>>>:D
  12. Good shit wonka.. I think all your posts are fuckin helarious, words and flix...:D
  13. :D Wow this thread is getting crazy....:D
  14. Yo 4 real I just checked this shit out and if u really wanna say something to some dumb ass police and other official people and shit, here's a way to be heard..:idea:
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