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  1. Well,i erase a lot to,if i find out i can do it better,or i just start at the beginning again. Its all good tough,if he wanted to use that sketch to go out and paint with it,then erasing is all good
  2. Virus,why is that true when u argue ur self...dumbazz
  3. U just pointed it out ur self. The reason why the suicide bombers do their terrorist act,is becoz of the leaders. Sharon and Arafat is driving Palenstine and Isreal down in the dirt. If u ask me,both of them should be shot!
  4. no need to bumb this tough...i say CLOSE!
  5. shitonastick


    i see them,but im still thinking,what is ur purpose with this??? Why make stencils on ur computer...i wouldnt call them stencils,since u made them on ur computer!
  6. Moshe,u got an original style...at least i havent seen anything like it before. As many others have said,work on ur simple letters,dont make it so wild. Most of the time,simple letters with a little flow can be much better than those wild letters. But so far,i like ur work!
  7. This isnt racism,this is pure facts. People arent terrorist becoz of their skin color,they are terrorist of the way the act!
  8. What he means by straight letters is normal straight line block letters. like straight lines...like this ------------ u get the point?? ehehe
  9. Lets not start a terrorist discussion,we all know BUSH is one of the worlds biggest terrorist
  10. This is true,work on straight letters first. But still,i gotta say,i kinda like that,especially the last part,where u didnt add black to it...like the way u bended those letters. u got some help from Bender,the gender bender didnt u?? eheh
  11. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by TRIXTER1 you 2 cant afford markers but can afford digital cameras??? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Think i read something about he couldnt afford them becoz they was to god damn expensive...so BONG!
  13. thats a style i can dig!!!
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