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  1. unseen


    yo rkideo that shit is hot. im gonna go do a piece for once in my life. props on the canvas.
  2. shit is dope from bombs to simples to 3d... feelin it
  3. All you stupid fags throwing meeningless steriotypes need to chill. The fact is im American and not a fucking fat ass (though too many lazy bastards in this country are), and Nazi Germany is dead. Bush is a moron who is onley intrested in gaining power, not saving lives. This war isn't about oil it's about power, Iraq posed no significant threat to America and couldn't even make a significant attack on America. If Iraq would have tried to attack us the world would have been on his ass and he would be dead within days. The onley thing this war will do is sever international relations, increase terrorism, and cause thousands of deaths. My dad was in the fucking pentagon when that plane hit (he survived) and neither he or i see any reason why we should be fighting a war. There were so many options bush could have chosen but he is an ignorant bastard and wants to go down in the record books as a god. And to whoesver said blacks dont know what it's like to be a slave, your right, but you don't have any idea what it's like to be black so shut the fuck up.
  4. unseen

    R I M E K C W !

    this guy is the shit...
  5. take away all that random crap flying everywhere and its just some simple letters... H A B I T. thats what i see.:confused:
  6. unseen

    W A E K O

    your actual graffiti is on its way man, practice a bit more and keep killin it. But that charictor is off the hook best original charictor i have seen in a long while.:idea:
  7. you have the biggest fucking mouth iv ever heard on this whole sight. i try not to comment but ur just to damn ignorant. why dont you just shut the fuck up and post ur shit instead of telling every one else to be quiet. how come u didnt have ne thing to say after u were shut down by El Mamerro. ÖnE yUnG, ThUg, TrUe!:eek:
  8. it matters wether you r just talking bout outlining or like shading n shit. I use a uniball roller to outline stuff because it wont smeir when i run a marker over it. But (and this is a skill that takes time) if you want to shade stuff u can just use the regular bic pens; red is easier to shade with because its lighter. Im getting alot better with these but i have seen ppl that can shade shit better than a regular pincil with the bic's. Thats what i use.
  9. hecz y do u always waste ur time and write up that stupid crap dont u have a life. (not that i dont agree with u)
  10. unseen

    Large Piece

    nothings really interacting there it just looks like a drawing of a sunset then some junk at the bottom mix it up man.
  11. I love seeing styles that belong to a person u know what i mean. Much props on ur latest stuff im really feelin it.
  12. dood you cant say anyone who pasted has no rome to talk because they crush u. How are u gonna judge ur own stuff and say u r just as good as them. the truth is they all rock u ten times over.
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