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  1. cobra_clutch


    you wish you had the kind of life he lives live.
  2. cobra_clutch


    http://www.porchbeers.com/crew/pics/dawg.jpg'> you're the man now dawg!
  3. cobra_clutch


    ^who is you?!
  4. cobra_clutch

    Jennifer Lopez's TWAT.

    http://www.scc.net/~rodl/UenoZoo/Beaver-3.jpg'> don't leave your beaver around water.... or it just might turn into this... http://images.art.com/images/products/regular/10043000/10043221.jpg'>
  5. cobra_clutch

    Worst bar diss ever!

    +pharcyde.from the labcabincalifornia album.
  6. cobra_clutch

    Fuck your CD's Part II. Newest CD you bought?

    mr.lif _ i phantom the fuckin' champs the oxes cage _ movies for the blind rjd2 the roots _ phrenology ras kaas _ van gogh gyeah!
  7. the proper terminology for the handsign in question is: two in the pink... one in the stink. an den?
  8. cobra_clutch

    Fuck your CD's Part II. Newest CD you bought?

    +recent shits+ rjd2 hieruspecs cunninglynguists cage zero7.another late night mix best of earth wind and fire
  9. cobra_clutch


    http://www.discoveredmonton.com/streetperformers/2001/History/barto.jpeg'> happy belated 21st nigga! -here's a lil c-walk for you--> http://www.knockoutentertainment.com/v4/groove/crip3.jpg'> http://www.knockoutentertainment.com/v4/groove/crip5.jpg'> http://www.knockoutentertainment.com/v4/groove/crip2.jpg'> http://www.knockoutentertainment.com/v4/groove/crip4.jpg'> http://www.knockoutentertainment.com/v4/gr...ve/cwalk06.mpeg DPC. kent b fucked wit...
  10. cobra_clutch

    cutting your own hair!

    http://www.kidzworld.com/img/upload/article/a618i0_mb.jpg'> don't just talk 'bout it...be 'bout it 'bout it. http://www.uffo.nl/eriks%20haar.jpg'> this actually looks like my nigga JJ. I hope platapie is peeping this shit. http://www.wrinklesofwashington.com/vanish...ing/hairday.jpg back to the future nigga.
  11. cobra_clutch


    http://www.technologyreview.com/articles/images/hiltzik10302.jpg'> watchoutnah! someone please resurrect the robocop or the smurf!
  12. cobra_clutch

    performing and stage fright

    heh. http://web.mit.edu/plush/www/images/spring2000/pee.jpg DPC NIGGUH!
  13. cobra_clutch

    take a guess

    http://www.bayflatswaterfowl.com/gallery/03-14-02%20Dick%20Lee400.JPG'> guess my age and I'll stick this fish up your ass.
  14. cobra_clutch

    whats the deal with you Kr430n5_666?

    http://www.jonreed.net.cnchost.com/sys-tmpl/nss-folder/pictures/androgynous%2080s%20hanoi%20rocks%20jon.jpg'> nah nigga. "the mystery continues" with homie right here.
  15. cobra_clutch

    irie eyed smiley....

    http://www.mennolink.org/books/img/bk.jah.05.cov.jpg'> damn, thought we was talkin'bout my nigga Hostetler...