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  1. 12ozSUCKA

    12 ounce ballers

    dude, you are a loser
  2. 12ozSUCKA

    What were you doing before you came back to check 12oz?

    what have you all been doing with your time
  3. 12ozSUCKA

    What were you doing before you came back to check 12oz?

    making grades at college for about 2 years
  4. 12ozSUCKA


    shouldnt give him a new name. there is no sense in living in this forum. you all suck
  5. 12ozSUCKA

    If you could choose tomorrow.

    who gives a fuck
  6. 12ozSUCKA

    The Beatles

    could any one tell me where i could find a primary source on te web on the beatles, like the new york times or something big, ive got a report due tommarow
  7. 12ozSUCKA

    4 words

    you'll suck at LIFE
  8. 12ozSUCKA

    Fucked up Trippy Movies.

    fuck a movie watch the food channel
  9. 12ozSUCKA

    The oddest AIM conversation I've ever had...

    this wasnt an instant message conversation but it was ddefinitly bizzare one of my buddies at college was telling me that his girlfreinds grandmother is real weird and has a shit load of cats. anyway we were tlaking about how animals are different from humans. back to the story, when her grandma sees a cat staring off to space she takes a picture of what the cat is staring at. then when the pictures are developed there are usually balls of light and shit in the picture like you would see on one of those ghost siting shows
  10. these are pretty cool, where are you from?
  11. 12ozSUCKA

    Don't you hate it when....

    i hate it when i shit out small children and i can feel my ass being ripped open then looing over and there is no toilet paper or swadling cloths
  12. 12ozSUCKA

    Lord Of The Rings II

    this book was kind of the link from the first to the third just the middle stuff that has to happen in order to get to the bad ass stuff, but it still kicked ass and the third one is better than both of them put together i think. sorry for wasting your time. stupid rookie, idiot!
  13. 12ozSUCKA

    the oldwoman

  14. 12ozSUCKA

    the oldwoman

    there really is no reason for this jsut thought id throw it out there