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  1. Napalm Death, Goatwhore, and Cattle Decapitation played here on the 27th. i'd say that was THE best show i've ever been to. limited gay hardcore slamdancing, lots of moshing, badass bands. Goatwhore stickers 3 for a dollar. fuckin metal :skull2: heh.. anyway, i love metal. some bands i like especially well (besides those mentioned above): -Sodom (listening to Til Death Do Us Unite as I type) -Dimmu Borgir -Gorgoroth -Venom -Maiden -Morbid Angel (older) -1349 -Bloodbath -Slayer -Mayhem -Nokturnal Mortum -Soilent Green -Wormed and since this is a metal thread, here's a link to a great black metal index on the interweb Myrrthronth Black Metal Index it's a german website, but the index is all in english
  2. first time: Lisa second time: "I heartily endorse this event or product." http://homepage.ntlworld.com/matthew.barr1/simpsons/krusty.gif'>
  3. that futurama episode is password protected. what's the password?
  4. there's a band from California called Estradasphere that throws in little remixes of nintendo game tunes with the rest of their songs. not played on gameboys or nintendo or anything, but it's game music remixed and changed a little. awesome band.
  5. Pol Pot: 1925-1998 former communist leader of Cambodia "Between 1975 and 1979 Pol Pot was prime minister of the infamous "killing fields" Communist government . His radical Maoist version of Communism centered on a return to a utopian agricultural society and rejection of modern urban life. The populations of Cambodia's cities were forced to evacuate the cities, move to the countryside and engage in agricultural labor. In the forced mass exodus, the government caused the deaths of an estimated 2 million Cambodians through imprisonment, torture, overwork, starvation and execution. Finally in 1979, a border dispute led to a Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia which overthrew Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge government and installed a regime friendly to the Vietnamese." taken from CNN.com http://www.cnn.com/resources/newsmakers/wo...d/asia/pol.html
  6. http://image.allmusic.com/00/amg/cov200/drd600/d664/d664897lwe9.jpg'>
  7. control panel, add hardware?
  8. http://www.whatthefuck.com pretty great, but shitty novelty email mwahaha
  9. my high school was a lot like what has mostly been said... there were cliques, but by senior year we all knew each other and the only drama was trifling bullshit.. most of the kids smoked/drank/popped pills and were fucked up most of the time, hence the relative nonexistence of "beef". racewise, it was mostly whites, then blacks, middle easterners, asians, and like 2 latinos. most of them were upper midle class from the suburbs; kids with money hung out together, jocks/preppy sluts hung out together (actually jocks/preppy sluts were mostly rich kids, so... yeah), emo kids/punks hung out, a.p. students stuck together mostly and lived in their world of pointless overtaxing of their brains, and the fubu-wearing "hardt" gangstaz hung out. the advantage of a clique is that you are with a group of people you like and share common interests with, so this reinforces your personality and prevents you from hanging out with people who are so different from you that you bore each other to death. but it's always fun to get high with someone you don't know ;)
  10. Frankenhooker* i've only seen a preview for it, but it looks super bad. Basket Case 2 is awesome. it's about these severely deformed people that get revenge on some asshole journalists. i picked it up at a used shit store. now i want the whole series.
  11. there's already a resurectum? shit.. sorry bout that then
  12. The Satanic Burritos Disemboweled Teddy Bears On Bad Acid Trips Involving Lots Of Evil Stuff That Never Really Happens But Sounds Cool ResurRectum Grand Mal And The Seizures The Shittiest Rock Band Within A Five Foot Radius The Mighty Battlepenis Of Odin Insipid Refulgence
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