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  1. IMHI

    Stickers From CHICAGO ONLY!!!

    edsk every day shit krew
  2. IMHI

    here, i made some stickers.

    dope i like 'em too,especially that...impaled teddy bear?i think thats what it is..i drew somethin very similar,keep 'em commin'
  3. IMHI

    Chicago Graff

    .. and that 'syf' 'moa' at belmont!wooo!that shit is hot
  4. IMHI

    Chicago Graff

    ....purlpe monkey dishwasher ....its fuckin colllllllllllllld out....anyone get flix of that building in prog. on clark south of foster?...probly not...or that fenix + ?? on the sheridan redline.....who the hell is that w/that dope simple style..i never get a chance to read...
  5. IMHI

    Chicago Graff

    and does anyone know if thats the skol that had the smiley face piece on the brownline a long time ago?
  6. IMHI

    Chicago Graff

    purple monkey dishwasher ..did anyone catch a flick of that 's' skol on western just south of foster under that fallen awning on the east side?...or those 'syfer's that were on the red line last week?..email me if ya do...:dazed:
  7. IMHI

    people in chicago need to take a chill pill and just relax.

    mm....chicago.....where is that awol at?that shit is hot...haha..is yer dad really one of daleys graff goons?
  8. IMHI

    sticker thread!

    .. hecz..you've got mad cross hatching skills..:dazed:
  9. IMHI


    nice woo!!..hot shit..
  10. IMHI

    W A E K O

    i can't read it either.......but i like!...hope ya get to a scanner again sometime soon..
  11. IMHI

    single letters..

    .. nice shit Mam,i really like your style..........and for you assholes quoting pics,stop it!...and whats this "lebbeus woods book"?
  12. IMHI

    single letters..

    ..dont quote pictures asshole
  13. IMHI

    sum sketches

    good shit those are really interesting man...honestly i can't read 'em tho...and a lil friendly advice,i think if you were a lil cleaner,and used a straight edge or somethin,it would pay off extremely well!..i hope to see more
  14. IMHI


    ..i dontgetit ...........whose the hotchick?.....krie...im not burning you in any way,but yourletters look like broken limbs to me...
  15. IMHI

    single letters..

    .. ...i gues im jus not hip enough to understand 12oz humor.............i like that hairball.....prisma pencils?