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  1. i 100% agree with SITH LORD. dont act like you fools dont have nobody's phone number and cant get ahold of any shotcallers from TKO to set up a fight with buket. if you want to fight him pick up your phone and make a couple calls and someone will set it up. and please dont play the... "were gonna match him up with our biggest fool the whooly mammoth because all our lil homeys wont fight their own shit" either. dont forget we got some dinnosaurs ourselves.
  2. TheBronxKiler... True Kings Only is a crew. not a place to post your wack bx flicks trying to hype yourself up from shit you did 10 years ago.
  3. ha. i did that fill over buket for mq back in the day when they were going at it. that fucker got a bunch of TKO shit too and now this fool is riding for TKO. i love it. TKO put the DO in DO EM DIRTY!
  4. and people said TKO is unreasonable and wants beef with everyone. better to have someone dissing your enemies than dissing you right? GO GET EM BUCK!
  5. JELLY JEL... the hardest chick since tribe!
  6. Question: how to tell if you are a toy? Answer: if you are proud enough of any single train you did to take a picture of yourself in front of it. :lol:
  7. if i had a bnsf reefer spot like that... i'd smack the SHIT outta you! :beat2:
  8. ummm... yeah that fool COLT .45 is pretty toy allright... :lol:
  9. dick! why you gotta cut the big homey out the picture? i'll slap the taste out your mouth...
  10. Flavor Saver Network Writing History... :krunk:
  11. toyeraser

    the nj bench

    so i guess pepe got beef with kcw huh?
  12. lyes and guer... true known outlaws
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