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  1. i got a good solution. nuke all the 3rd world contrys kill all the useless people. put a big slab of cement over the whole thing drill all the oil and get all tehre natuarl resources we need. we dont have to hear anymore bitchin about starving morons in 3rd world contrys casue there all to stupid to do anything usefull with there patheic lives...
  2. fuck yeah that shit was type scary. me tyler and fatrick went to that...you can see the back of my dreaded head in the one of the pictures above. i kept hearing all these werid nosies. and i saw some lights on the top floor and fans and shit one. shit creeped the fuck outta me.
  3. i dont know where to begin. ill just say i hate those E popin drug usin slutty fucks who just wave glow sticks around in the air and listen to horrible music. FUCK RAVING AND FUCK YOU TOO. :cool:
  4. i seem to have misplaced my phone number can i hjave yours? lemmie get the directions to in your pants... your saying "worst pick up lines ever" they worked before i dont know hy or how or what kind of stupid whore actually gave it but it worked i swear... :king:
  5. its fucked up but its funny. and you know they pay the bums to fight and shit.
  6. Bum Fights Mad funny shit this guy goes around starting fights between bums and betas bums up its funny as hell peep it. :king:
  7. Soul_Rebel


    i caught a couple of dope sane pieces on the tracks on the way to NYC. rip sane he was the fucking king :king:
  8. friday nite went biking. almost got into a fight and almost got caught by the cops. seriously it was alot of fun. saturday i just slept and ate all day saturday nite went biking it was funy got home at 12 or 1 i forgot and then sunday i went to my grandmas and ate more than a half a pound of shrimp and mad other food came home and played some ps2. it was a fun weekend.
  9. pussy. grow up. or better yet dont...end your life here and now...
  10. the government is trying to currupt the minds of our youth at a younger and younger age. its sicking.
  11. Soul_Rebel

    Spray safe!

    ide just like to say thanks for all the concern on the board. much respect always.
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