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  1. bood


    Yeah they can hack you, but jsut get norton, n other viruse gaurd shit n u'll be fine.
  2. bood

    The Media

    hey, Fuck the media, it gives everything a bad rep. Like some things people do as an escape, like rather than go kill some mother fucker for messing with your girl, people either smoke crack, weed, drink, do graff, hack, skate, ect. Do you all hear where i am commen from? what do all you think of the media.
  3. bood


    Man you meet the coolest people on MIRC, i mean i talked to all these hackers and they are as nice as fuck. they even showed me everything i know bout hacking. Damn media gives hackers a bad rep!
  4. Yeah think about it, if "the end of the world is hear" was posted all over the media, what would you do? i know i would bang broads, steal shit, and just fuck people up, you know fun shit? then if it is a false alarm think of how fucked thigns would be? so i don't think you heard this correct of are you just seeing what peeps think of that shit?
  5. Hey El Nervo, you piece of shit, how bout i kick ur ass, u faggot! I am sure all these guys on here would love to help me stomp ur fucking face in! cuz ur just a piece of shit who thinks he is to good.!
  6. bood

    your 15mins of fame

    Bruce Cambell is the fucking man!
  7. bood

    your 15mins of fame

    SHUT UP! man he is my hero! is she hot?
  8. bood

    your 15mins of fame

    thats pretty kool dude, u can't go into detail tho? oh well, at the place i work there are a shit load of famous fuckers, eugene levy is one of them, i talked to him for 20 min, and when i was leaven i told me not to forget my penis cream. it was funny. ummm some kool asian guys i met, i swear there were these new york mob guys there, they gave 20 each and there was 5 of them, you do the math :D. so i have never acctually had my 15 min but i have been around a shit load of people who have. oh yeah this year a bus from my school fliped over on a trip to quebec (i was not on it) but that was on the news and stuff.
  9. I hear you jah, thats why i was telling that little "el nervo fuck to shut his fucken mouth, i mean who really likes that faggot? Jah man your one of the best fucks on here.
  10. Hey fuck head don't bash on jah! everyone already fucking hates you!
  11. bood


    dal net is tight for fucking with people who dun share shit :)
  12. Hey what is ur fav type of women?
  13. bood

    fridays at 12:05

    Well i thought city tv was just network shit
  14. I just realised that nothin too great is ever going on in channel zero, and i asked my self why i come here, and i couldn't give me self an answer, so i assume it is for the porn, but you know i am not sure ... wait it is the porn. Who else thinks channel zero is boring?
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