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  1. anyone have any ... This cat snstr from Colorado claimed to be NG and he stayed out in pheonix for a while. Does anyone know anything about him or have any of his flicks of his shit. his shit is sick but he's kinda an arrogant fuck.
  2. what the fuck is this shit!!!!!!! thank you... You have now made all that even briefly glance at this thread a little bit dumber.
  3. Re: the real merz not that tag bangin faggot... sorry medic, for the beef on the thread, it's just I can't stand it when kids like that are weak and have to resort to violence.
  4. the real merz not that tag bangin faggot... hey eck mers, take a hint from this flick you gun toatin' pussy...
  5. your still trying.... Almost all of your flicks are legals and they are horrible... Take a hint from your replies, you suck and I can't believe you would take the name reks after the legacy of Rek FX. I can't beleive the cats in revoluciones let a faggot like you even step into there establishment. find a new hobby, no one but that faggotass vose likes you............ EAT A FAT COCK
  6. Re: 303 looking at his sketches you might think Reks could paint somewhat... Yeah right!!!!! he seems to get worse and worse. Even funnier, he's ego greatly exceeds his skill, or should i say lack there of.
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