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  1. We're from the SF/Oakland/Berkeley area. Yeah....if anyone from around here can roll to Sac tomorrow night.... Time for Living Lights Out Cross the Line Killing the Dream At WCWW. Wooord.
  2. hardly...how about native american dude who wears baseball caps, relaxed fit blue jeans, and madball gear. that's a little closer. fuck that fashioncore garbage -Israel
  3. Two BRAND NEW TIME FOR LIVING MP3'S!!! Two brand new, unreleased mp3s off our debut CD, out late October/early November on Rival Records( www.rivalrecords.com ). This 10 song CD is entitled "The Cheat Is Not Dead" and includes 5 new songs + 5 re-recorded songs from the demo. The record should be out in late October or very early November. Get fucking psyched.
  4. Here's the news. He's gone. -Israel
  5. Rockin. The band from NY that hasn't been mentioned yet, and you all deserve to kick yourselves for it is Agnostic Front (take note of my username! HAHA). I've got pretty much ALL of the stuff they did before 92 (UB 7", VIP gatefold and regular, Euro and US versions of both Cause for Alarm and Liberty and Justice, Live at CB's, ONE VOICE, and the UB represses). I'm a nut for that stuff. Oh well. If anyone somehow or other is old enough to have a Unit Pride shirt, I'll give you some good stuff for it! -Israel
  6. Re: Re: Dumb fucking HOT! Word. See Mulholland Falls (not the recent David Lynch movie Mulholland Drive). She's in it as a flashback, a lot (she's dead). She was....well... I'll put it nicely. She was an escort. Damn fine woman. -Israel
  7. It's all about the Rocketeer. Anyone that can out-beauty Bettie Page (who the character was originally drawn as) is WAAAAYY high on my list. She's probably number 2 or three on my list of fine women. There's still the small matter of Angelina Jolie and Dita Von Teese. If you don't know who dita is, search for her on google. It's worth it. She does a lot of work with corsets and such. I'm not as much into that stuff, but when she's not wearing one... well... yeah. Here's an example... http://www.dita.net/free/images/free70.jpg'> enjoy! -Israel
  8. Darkest Hour - An Epitaph Pretty Girls Make Graves - The Getaway Weezer - the Good Life Bane - Can We Start Again Blood for Blood - So Common, So Cheap
  9. Rosemary's Baby the Exorcist UHF Better Off Dead Transformers
  10. On my list of DVD's to buy. I actually want it more for the soundtrack than the actual movie. It's such great ROCK! -Israel
  11. I heard about this in the most recent While You Were Sleeping. I'm very intrigued. I don't know which idea rules more, this or Backyard Wrestling. One is funny, the other is just plain brutal. -Israel
  12. AND I HAVE ONE!!!! Oh, and yes, to everyone shocked, I did invite the insult. My logic was as follows... If i invite it now, you'll pull out the big guns and then you'll be left with nothing but "...your mom" replys forever because you've already used the good stuff. oh, and just for good measure.... http://www.pixyland.org/peterpan/Imagezs/bbMWGroundSit700w.jpg'>
  13. The Halloween one with the Shining ripoff, the Toaster/Timemachine, and the Cannibal Teachers (I think it was Halloween V). I really like that one because of the recurring joke of Willie getting killed with an Axe in the back.
  14. I'm not a woman, so I don't totally apply, but I have a very strong fetish for girls who look insane. If you want an example of what I'm talking about, see that movie "Don't Say A Word". In that movie, I decided that Brittney Murphy is a goddess. -Israel
  15. Yeah. This is my first post here. I've been forced to endure hours upon hours of my buddy saying "DUDE! COME LOOK AT THIS", so I finallly gave in and registered here. If you're going to go through insults and hazing of the new guy, do it now. If you want a reason to haze me, well, here's a pic of my friend that referred me here.... http://www.pixyland.org/peterpan/Imagezs/peter_flies2_adj_680h.jpg'> So yeah, I'm here to stay! -Israel p.s. if you want to know who that is, I'll tell you. Just ask.
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