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  1. It's been about 7 years since I posted on here. What did I miss? [edit: 3 years]
  2. there is a hamburger restaurant on stanyan and haight that people seem to like...
  3. the "graffiti removal binge" is kind of like when the wolves eat the rabbits until their numbers thin out. then the wolves starve to death and the rabbits multiply again. its the circle of life. like a carousel, circular motion... all good things.
  4. It looks like after I asked, alot of people confirmed their good grades in the subject of haterology. On top of that, a few have gone on to get their Th.D. from Haterism Seminary and are now preaching the gospel of are you over this analogy yet?
  5. Did everyone get an A+ in Haterology 101?
  6. that waste is dope, but why does there have to be a dick on it?
  7. the hand would've been alot uglier if it was dan. Quoted post [/b] "sometimes an ugly hand is a pretty good hand to have." ...eh, i tried.
  8. someone post some bum bombing. crushed jackets and shit. (covered in shit) -#1 Boss Bum.
  9. thats not the real high heel shoe though.
  10. can you get a public defender if you aren't a citizen?
  11. you got to have a teleporter to get to most of the spots on here. he must not have one yet.
  12. is that a chuck check in that destn?
  13. hey Mr. Crew, have you ever seen that show "Mr. Show"? it was super funny. and the gravel in that enuf photo is all psychedelic. like being on acid. stare at it.
  14. in a flash one two three order over and over in my mind president kennedy, man choking, and mother theresa tell me to "get out" right after I fell out of the car RIGHT THERE your picture is fbi proof that on 195 khz broadcast influence to my thoughts like this link travelling from east to west and back to east again. good flicks.
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