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Everything posted by MineWonr

  1. MineWonr


    Heres the other half.. Deta And Nerski..keep rollin... http://www.digitalpose.com/mbr/1/31235/p/605027_2376314060082261867_vl.jpg'>
  2. MineWonr

    Crazy wacky kids jokes!!

    Q: Why do jews have Big Noses? A: Cuz the Air is Free! ...I got nothing against jews, but i thought that shit was pretty funny....
  3. MineWonr

    On the subject of school...

    Pharmacist...Popin them shits all day long...
  4. MineWonr

    stupid rap lines.

    I stole your honey like I stole your Bike....
  5. MineWonr

    ****>This is the Showstopper<****

    Lions should paint for atak more often...
  6. MineWonr


    u'll be left with one in ur dome...
  7. MineWonr

    TV shows you wish never ended

    http://familyguy.tktv.net/images/familyguy.jpg'> http://www.cannit.com/peteandpete/petes1.jpg'> http://www.angelfire.com/pq/philgee/images/growingpains.jpg'> and what about that show that had the theme song by joe croker- a little help from my friends...completly drawin a blank..
  8. Im bout to start off the night with a phatty meal with the fam...enjoy a nice turkey and a pig roast..umm that makin me salivate already.. Then im bout to duck out from the family event and hit up this hiphop show at a local bar.. Im bout to see DJ TOMMEE.. for all u that have heard of him u know he's raw as hell, and if u havent u need to get on that shit..Hes from Buffalo NY, but he plays madd shows up in Boston too.. To here a DJ Tomme Mix tape hit up http://www.babystepshiphop.com/main.html Click on DJ Tommees mix tape.. Enjoy ur Turkey...
  9. MineWonr

    What R U Doing For Thanksgiving?

    I just got this super fly chick to go to that DJ Tomme show with me so yall boys can add that one to the list***
  10. MineWonr

    What do you listen to while you sketch?

    Esoteric Big L Nas DJ Tommee Biggie ATMOSPHERE J-Zone Quasimoto Common mobb deep if i wanna fight...
  11. MineWonr

    ipods dirty little secret

    thats why u spend $100 extra bucks and get a 2 yr warrenty and they will send u a new battery for freee..or for that matter fix any problem with ur ipod for nothing.. jackass's
  12. MineWonr

    ipods dirty little secret

    thats why u spend $100 extra bucks and get a 2 yr warrenty and they will send u a new battery for freee.. jackass's
  13. MineWonr

    The Evolution of Writing

    My Latin teacher was tellin me the other day that the Latins were the first to start Graffiti.. He said people wouldnt have like names and shit but they would go along a scribe shit into tablets and painted posters.. the first roots of Vandalism..
  14. MineWonr

    Dentist fear/broken tooth/pic inside...

    ASk them kats for some nitrus and ull be fealin good throught he whole thing.. If they give it to ya there gonna put it on a low settign at first.when they ask u if u feel anything say no and they'll turn it up full blast.. they breath as much in as possible.. When u go tell um u dont like the effects of the novacine injection and see if u can get that nitrus.. if u do have fun!
  15. MineWonr

    play at your own risk!

    that onorok kills!
  16. MineWonr

    M1's and Diet Pepsi...

  17. MineWonr

    my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

    Raels Onorok
  18. MineWonr

    toys in the bottom of the cereal box

    just look under bridges..or listen for DUMBASS's yellin out writers names in broad daylight..hopein to find another writer to talk to..
  19. "Shit on my chest ASAP...." Thats when u know u need to get the fuk outa there...
  20. MineWonr

    Im new to the board

    nice life...
  21. MineWonr


    AVILS: i dont know if youre a dude or a chick but i'm seriously hoping youse a chick..... Its from OLD SCHOOL buddy.. no worries..just tryin to bring some humor to this youngins problem..
  22. MineWonr


    Atak Lions Navy and that Hotel tag is fukin ill
  23. MineWonr

    Fr8s On Tha Super Highway