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  1. Bump for true Funk letters W/ true and correct graff structure that has been passed on for over 3 decades to a few who choose to represent. God thank you for Graff! DAZE1-WST www.wildstyletechnicians.com
  2. COPE2 :king: This guy is an influnce to young, old and international heads. Mad respect to Cope.:king:
  3. Ahh Yeahhh!!! Tealski that shit rocks. We got to link up. DAZE www.wildstyletechnicians.com
  4. Amaze The Guy is an Animal.
  5. A true legend Good ol Papa ESP.
  6. :) :p :crazy: :dazed: :lick: :yum: :love2: :loopy: :lol: Less talking and more Clevage!
  8. DAZE1-WST


    Names And who are you? The Graffiti over seer that tells people what names they can use? (Never stole the name from the other DAZE) Look I've been writing the name since 83. Thats pretty long if you ask me. And since I'm also an active member I feel free to write that name - till I'm dead. This is of course is NO disrespect to the DAZEONE from NYC. Rock on brother and sisters. P.S. I choose this board to post flicks, praise and contribute to the life style that we have created, not insult and post NEGATIVE post. Contribute or stay out! :heated:
  9. Burnin' Dope thread. Looks like you found yourself to a couple of our yards. Did you know San Diego before or did you have a good tour gide?" Did you run into TAPE in the yard? That piece next to the PARIS is HEKL and your going to kick yourself for not getting flicks of what he did after you were there. There is new burners at some of the yards and they are burnin. Also good to see flicks in there of burners from SDV crew. These guys get my vote for most up. They are extremely up in San Diego and have tags, silvers, throw ups, and burners. Mad props to those troopers. Also SURGE from the infamous MDR crew is making his way around the yards. Its good to see people that trully do it for the love putting in work. Last but not leat how can we forget TFL. I mean you can go any fuk'n were in a San Diego yard and not see STYLE or WESK. I still do not understand how it's even humanly possible to rock that many burners and stay on top. These guys have defenitely define what it means to really dedicate yourself to something. Mad Props! P.S. And those guys aren't even fron San Diego.
  10. Do you guys ever quit!? ERVO that JAES is just ridiculous. Plain ol stupid.
  11. SECT I'll have to dig around for more flicks. I'll post some more later. Peace.
  12. BURNIN' dope Stuf! Those ESTE are very fine indeed. Slang what up!? (O.G. Chi Town) What ever happened to Kuaze. That brother was mas cool. Haven't heard from him in like5 to 6 years. Respect! Peace.
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