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  1. whats the difference between a dead baby and a bathtub? you cant fuck a bathtub... booyah

    DNA stories

    Re: DNA?...in syracuse? it has nothing to do with graff at all..its a stupid straight edge crew...but i wouldnt talk shit because well...they beat up the cromags...not kidding...if anyone was at hellfest they mightve seen a little scuffle between DNA and harley flannigan that was started when earth crisis beat the shit out of the cro mags in europe...those guys arent to be fucked with...

    DNA stories

    aww man i thought this was going to be about the DNA SXE crew from syracuse...id talk shit about them but theyre all really big...
  4. better watch your back...they have assembled task forces which is why i dont know who these kids are...36 writers were arrested just this summer due to the crackdowns...maybe half dozen of them were actual decent writers and the rest were raver faggots and toys...albany is too small a city to really kill and get away with it...jet had it on lock for years before they got him...and they only got him due to some faggot little toy ratting on him...they still never actually caught him painting... im rambling on and on...im just saying, id love to see more kids get up around here and please feel free to...but the cops are out lookin for that shit instead of looking for real crimes ect. ect.... free jet
  5. i vow to rid my vocabulary of the word "over rated"... shits tired... i saw a fight last night between drunken crusties...shit was too funny...i was consistantly lifted and just ot a call from the girl i met last night... 2003 is off to a pretty decent start...
  6. who ARE you kids talkin about albany...i havent seen ANY decent constant writers up here since obces came up and killed central ave...ive been out of that game for a while now but still know that nobody has been getting up whatsoever... free jet watp RR dts
  7. any resolutions? any regrets last year? any regrets from last night? anyone arrested? anyone paint last night? anyone fight last ngiht? anyone take pictures? end-
  8. hey robbiej... im wondering if you know a friend of mine JET from upstate...just wondering if you had anything form him...just want to give him some props while hes locked up...if not ignore this... jedie
  9. by slagin you mean sleeping with priests right?
  10. whaaaa? alot of kids from all over ny are going o be at the show...thats all...i dont really know why you would need to know this but...shuttup and eat my ass i just woke up
  11. i have no idea what your talking about...
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