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  1. Mr.4get and that biter kills any haters need to step back and revaluate what they call graffiti.......and from what i can see biter is on some next level shit with his letters......its also funny how the same small group of toys who patrol this board like they are the style police and call writers like these biters and oys are the same ones who cant even rock a simple on paper but have all the room in their little world to pick apart talented writers work....grow the fuck up ......
  2. whether this cats austrailian american or in the fucking taliban you cant deny skilland this dude has lots of it dope colors and super clean lines ...so get off of the country jocking and recognize raw talent!!!!!!
  3. tfk= thats fucking krap!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. third degree burnas shit looks alot like that perm kid that used to come on here
  5. one67 and the ems boys got northern florida on lock
  6. BLAHBLAH.......if you are ems who are you...... i am ems and dont know you
  7. stick dick booty lick mother fucking titty sucking one balled bitch dick nose backwaqrds ass country fuck
  8. natas is still involved behind the scenes as far as iknow i have a few friends from around my area about the same age as me that kept skating and ended up moving out to cali and copping some sponsors .... anyways a dude i know got hooked up with some company not sure as to which and said natas does promo work and skates for them......natas killed it for sma
  9. no doubt .. alot of the skaters from the eighties went out on some wierd shit ......jeff phillips killed himself ... hosoi locked up for coke trafficking ... crazy shit now that i think about it .....i was like 16 when gator killed that hick and remember not too much believing what i read (same thrasher article)......he was a damn good vert skater ...i guess i am going to have to check this movie out
  10. yo i remembr mark the gator .... shit mid 80's .... gator was the shit .....dude had 540s locked flawles style tight graphics on his decks too that shit would fuck with me when i was dosed up......too bad he got fucked up with that girl......well you know the rest.......all the older heads know what i mean.
  11. How can you take a bad style of lettering and make it look worse..nasty colors too:( :( :(
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