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  1. retard.AK


    and everyone knows how to find me,so if any of you little bastards has a fucking problem,come do so.....show some balls.....
  2. retard.AK


    SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION.....HA! i cannot believe you faggots brought that busted ass toy shit in nashville to a worldwide spotlight.....bump for IA and TM,the only REAL crews in nashville,with the exception of a few individuals.....stick to hulmark's guestbook you little fucks.....sincerely,ASK ONE.IA MAFIA.NSH
  3. retard.AK

    anybody got Writer'sBlock flicks from Birmingham?

    indeed that was a nice little event.....i enjoyed meeting some new folks,although i didnt like the fact that my car broke down in birmingham.....i also saw where KWS went to atlanta (im guessing it was in that same period of time) when i drove down there the next week.....prodo was unfinished,but color did a nice skull and a snake.....asker.ia.nsh
  4. retard.AK

    **CLOGGED CAPS 3**

  5. retard.AK

    Kansas City Barbecue

    Re: enough with the talk.. sure more pix. cuz... did i say he did you cocksucking prick.....i said it was a matter of taste and it isnt my taste.....how clever you are.....fucking asshole....
  6. retard.AK

    Kansas City Barbecue

    im not trying to hate on him personaly or knock his skill,but i really hate chip's pieces.....i guess its just a matter of taste.....
  7. retard.AK

    the NASHVILLE thread (graffiti and such.....)

    well,with a lot of spots in nashville,i think that the reason people do pieces rather than straight letters is because theyre trying to up the ante so to speak.....i hate to take away a lot of nashville writers (myself included) credibility,but highway spots in nashville are easy,so its turning more into a cock measuring contest of who can do the biggest and get away with it and testing the limits.....altho i do agree that straight letters are much more apealing and catch the eye better on the interstate.....
  8. retard.AK

    the NASHVILLE thread (graffiti and such.....)

    WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?!?! 60 MPH ON THE INTERSTATE?!?! you must be one of those motherfuckers i run over (nashville has the third worst drivers in the country,me being one of them)..... anyways,i got some straight letter shit that i could probably post up,but it looks like everyone in here (including myself) has used up their free time on the photo hosts.....hook me up with a reliable FREE host and ill hook it up with the straight letters
  9. retard.AK

    Old Cans Of Paint, Serious Collectors

    you must be from around where im from.....i love berry pink,but cant find it anywhere around here,but,we have tons of spa blue.....figures.....
  10. retard.AK

    Old Cans Of Paint, Serious Collectors

    this one may be a stupid question,but a rather simple one thats bothered me for a good bit.....what does O.D. stand for (as in O.D. Khaki).....
  11. retard.AK


    sounds like are fucked ashlie's best friend.....this could be an interesting freight saga to spectate.....keep us updated!
  12. retard.AK

    if your white...read

    and while we are on the subject of discrimination,lets talk about the way to end it.....affirmative action. THERE WE GO! FIGHT DISCRIMINATION WITH MORE DISCRIMINATION! tell me where the logic is in that? here is an example.....you have student "A" that shows fair work ethic with a B+ high school average.His SAT scores are a little bit above average,but nothing too outstanding.he is African-American. you have student "B" that throughout high school showed a great work ethic and had an A average.His SAT scores where well above average.He is Caucasian. So,should student "A" or "B" get accepted first into a college that both are applying for? it doesnt matter,because student "A" will get the first placement because he is and African-American. not because he was more qualified or showed more potential,but merely because of his skin-tone. this is happening today.....explain to me how this is not discrimination?
  13. retard.AK

    if your white...read

    im a truly sick of people trying to make me feel guilty for being white.....i am by no means conservative,but i really cant fucking stand bleeding hearts.....
  14. retard.AK

    looking at freights

    that money is fucking money..... also feeling the onorok,biter,and rek
  15. retard.AK

    I Walk The Line (another benchin session)

    mesko kotah