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  1. ah man..you mofo's, lucky bastards...you get to paint in spots like that, my ass is crawlin in the dark....u lucky bastards you!
  2. Dr.Dolittle


    those are super dooper ooper large man!!!
  3. I dare you to go for 2000 man
  4. He mystifies the minds of toys, ignites the flames in kings!
  5. I like the one where the handicapp guy is getting pulled...he seems so happy!!
  6. The piece is not that bad, but I do have to say there are to many colors in there, at least to my taste. Good structure and form though, nice even lines, consistent flow... I can tell you can paint with can control.. It also looks a little old school to me, I dont know, it just does..all in all, i'd bump it man..
  7. Dr.Dolittle


    Yo, that sabre piece is fresh.. Its too bad they dissed it..
  8. I see that a lot of you kids out there love to criticize...haha..but what I dont get is the PYSA bite thing... I dont think it looks like a PYSA bite, the structure of the "p" are maybe similar but the style is completely different...that's right kids, learn how to criticize b4 you look like a fool, because if you call that a bite..then everyone is a biter, if you use arrows...your a biter..if you use drop shadows on tags, your a biter... if you do highlights, your a biter...get the point??...and that one piece with black and white, I dont think that says HATER, I see a H, A, and E but at the end is definetly not a R...So for all you "Art critics" out there, criticism is best when well thought, especially one a person knows what the hell they're talkin about....:crazy:
  9. Those are fresh man...where the hell do you get those model trains at?????:confused:
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