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  1. and if i did you would notice?....i can name spots where you went over my stuff or have shit less than 10 feet from it
  2. Re: herb what does painting have to do with this...nothing...i dont speak on here often with the little fucking comments you and half the people on here do...im not a kid who talks all this shit on people and has no credit to back it up with....and if i did "paint" you wouldnt notice cuz im not aeiza or one of your little friends...and dont talk shit about how much you paint cuz really you dont paint half the shit the "real" kids do like Nsf and the other big names...atleast SPF feels my pain when i read this bullshit and shake my head
  3. really man, this has to be the gayest thing any one has ever done on this site....save the text picture shit for the internet chat rooms
  4. pretty sure, on a bus but all you said was "loose lips sink ships"
  5. by the way....prism is a super cool guy too
  6. mikro damn girl, you are fine as a mothafucka
  7. those cats were just here on saturday...shit was jumping:king:
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