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  1. get it straight...graffiti is vandalism. anything less and your just playing yourself.
  2. Since when was this shit ever about other people liking your shit/who you are? if your doing it to meet people or make friends then join a sewing circle. keep doing your shit, you've gotten alot better. and as far as bitting goes, I cant say I've ever met a writer thats truly original and has never bitten anything. keep doing your thing, sooner or later it will evolve into your own. V's are kinda hard, very easy for them to look like U's, and if you look around and some older writers that have V's in their name, you'll see they often look like U's. Your still coming up so changing your name i
  3. you truly have no idea how long i have been around. remember when the board was a different color? or when there were only like 5 posts a day? when the image section wasnt 4 sections but 1? and long before they were split. and I was here long before then. but enough about whos been an internet looser for longer. I agree with bloodklot on the letters, gonna have to disagree on the name. TATS crew are sure enough legends. But as long as dude doesnt really write it then thats fine i supose. sketches look fine, letters could be stronger, but couldnt everybodys?
  4. i dont suspect you of being a cop, just a kid with too large of a curiousity. and as the kid above me stated, you should paint more. What happens to you if you get caught painting out there?
  5. and never refer to graffiti as "the big time" it really sounds dumb.
  6. advice if i were you, I'd just tell girls that your a rebel that writes the graffiti to impress them, and later get into their panties. Its true, you may actually have to show them one of your pieces. This is where the internet comes in. find a decent writer and then collect a few flicks of theirs. Next email those flicks to your new internet hottie you found in an aol chatroom. ask her to meet. she might ask you to draw her name all pretty, dont sweat it. this isnt really a problem at all. all you have to do is admit the truth to her. by this time you should have already fucked her anywa
  7. I only really have 2 comments. 1. Tats cru. NYC what the fuck are you thinking. and 2. Why is it that Virs is always asking for someone to trade sketches with him, or requesting certain people contact him because he has a question for them. In the begining i guess it was alright but if i were you people i would definatly Beware.
  8. make sure you guys get change ahead of time, cause once you run out of quarters, the game is over.
  9. my second package came today, even nicer than the first. quality control for sure. and yes, BELIEVE THE HYPE.
  10. well i had a burrito at lunch, then popcorn chicken at dinner. its time for me to feed again, guess i'll have cheerios.
  11. added varible so what about fisting? would you get mad about that? or if he gave her a shocker? And say instead of going to 4th base, he skipped it and slid right into 5th base? oh yeah, i think its fore play.
  12. one great thing about the bush administration is that they are teaching our generation a very important lesson. VOTE. I recently had an awkward expierence that i'll share with you people. By my screen name, you should be able to tell i'm from a small town. My aunt, also from the same town, moved off about 20 years ago to a pretty decent sized city. well I went with her to a board meeting and it came up one of the guys there, a close friend of here, was gay and had aids. well fastforward a few months down the road, i'm hanging out with her and she brings up how she isnt going to shop at w
  13. people were overweight way back in the day, it was actually a way of flossing. if you were fat it meant you could afford to eat more food than your body needed, hence being able to afford to live that way. i think that was greece or rome, while were on that, gays arnt so new either, most ballers back then had a little man-bitch they would pop in the pooper whenever they were sick of fucking their wife. America is about the only country where there really is a weight problem because no one cares enough to do much about it except consume more. thats really all america is about. consuming. I pers
  14. http://www.fourthehardway.com/images/battlezine_m.jpg'> http://www.fourthehardway.com/images/bz_detail1.gif'> http://www.fourthehardway.com/images/bz_detail2.gif'> this is definatly on my next order, along with those rusto fats and some uni markers.
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